The “new” members of the musikverein deliver a convincing premiere


More than 600 listeners did not want to miss the season-opening weekend of the buckenhofen music society. The highlights were the appearances of the two "new" members of the board orchestra of the music society presented for the first time to a coarse audience of about 200 people at the kolpinghaus in forchheim.

In the first part of this unusual concert, the 35 musicians of the "klangfusion" wind orchestra, which was founded only a year and a half ago, proved that they were the right people for the job, that the mixture of former and new has very quickly matured into a homogeneous body of sound. Coached and conducted by budding professional musician elisabeth kircheis, the orchestra offered a well-dosed mix of classics such as frank sinatra's "my way", musical successes like "the beauty and the beast, rock legends like freddy mercury and marches like "mussinan, from the pen of the composer carl carl, born in forchheim in 1830.

Then came the hour of the adult wind class, which was launched in the fall of 2016, after more and more women and men had expressed the desire to learn an instrument at a later age. After the invitation to tender and a search phase lasting several weeks, the 15 participants originally hoped for turned out to be more than 50, who now gave an impressive presentation of their skills.


Man city’s european cup ban and the consequences: klopp has sympathy

Man city's european cup ban and the consequences: klopp has sympathy

Jurgen klopp was also "shocked". When the liverpool FC coach heard about the drastic penalty against his rivals, he felt for pep guardiola and his players.

"They certainly didn’t do anything wrong," said klopp. This does not apply to the management of manchester city – because of years of financial fraud, the english champions will not be allowed to compete in the european cup for two seasons. Now several court cases loom, the star players of the citizens will look around. Among them also ilkay gundogan and leroy sane.

The two german national players must have little desire for two seasons without the champions league, sane has been linked to FC bayern for months anyway. If the UEFA ruling published on friday also stood before the international sports court cas, nothing could stand in the way of the transfer of the 24-year-old, who is contractually bound to manchester until 2021, in the summer. It is expected that the citizens will also officially call the cas soon. According to the english media, the deadline is ten days.


Old mitburgers informed themselves during a round trip through eltmann

old mitburgers informed themselves during a round trip through eltmann

"We attach great importance to creating a pleasant living environment for all generations. This begins with the most modern kindergarten and daycare centers, continues with our school center, and ends with the senior citizens’ home. Young feels who takes part in the things of life, and today you shall learn a lot about eltmann and its districts." This was emphasized by first mayor michael ziegler (CSU) when he invited over 60 participants to a "senior citizens’ day" and a tour of eltmann and its neighborhoods welcomed on the market square.

Ziegler expressed his pleasure that so many women and men showed their interest in what was happening in their home town. Young people are those who enjoy life, look forward to certain events with anticipation and still have both feet on the ground. It is also said that everyone is as old or as young as he feels.

In the industrial area it was learned that eltmann currently offers 2100 jobs. The largest employers are schaeffler, with 550 employees, and the palm paper mill, with 230 employees.


Bavaria’s political leadership canvasses the youth

Bavaria's political leadership canvasses the youth

No less than three top candidates in the state parliament elections came to the political dialogue with the rural youth: natascha kohnen (SPD), hubert aiwanger () and katharina schulze (grune) as well as CSU secretary general markus blume took part in a panel discussion. The topics of the KLJB such as youth participation, sustainability and land consumption were discussed controversially and deepened in small groups with the prominent guests.

"We are very pleased that we can continue the important dialogue with the policy as catholic youth federation also with our national assembly with approximately 100 delegates. Our delegates want to represent the interests of the rural youth and will themselves start youth-minded appointments with all democratic parties as part of our project #wirhabenwaszusagen" says KLJB state president christina kornell (volkach), who heads the podium with state president rupert heindl (kirchdorf bei haag i. OB) moderated.

The KLJB delegates chose fundamental and long-term topics: "how can the youth be fairly involved?? How can we ensure that bavaria has a genuine sustainability strategy that sets clear ecological and social limits to economic interests?? These are the topics that interest our people as KLJB and on which we already have some political decisions from the last years", declares rupert heindl.


After graduating from high school: how to secure child support for your offspring

After graduating from high school: how to secure child support for your offspring

The rough goal is achieved, but now the real work begins. After graduating from high school, young people have to watch out, otherwise their child benefit will be cut off. For parents, the question arises: will child benefits continue to be paid even if studies do not begin for several months?? Or should high school graduates register as unemployed for the time being??

How long do adults receive child benefit?

If the offspring is of age, parents can generally leave the field until the age of 25. Continue to receive child benefit after your 60th birthday. However, it is a prerequisite that the children are in initial education or are doing voluntary service. Important: the family insurance fund must be informed of the changes, explains the federal employment agency. Otherwise, payments may be stopped for the time being.

Child benefit between high school graduation and studies

If the next stage of education begins within four months after the end of the school education, it is sufficient to send the local family insurance fund a certificate of the beginning of the education or study or a certificate of a continuing school. If the evidence is not available in time, it can also be submitted later.


Schauble receives billions from health fund

Schauble receives billions from health fund

In turn, tax money to be used to demand private supplementary insurance for long-term care. According to information from the dpa news agency, this was agreed in berlin by federal finance minister wolfgang schauble (CDU) and federal health minister daniel bahr (FDP). The future of the practice fee remains open.

Earlier, a spokeswoman for the federal ministry of finance had said that there was agreement on the basic values of the federal budget. No details were given on friday. The finance and health ministries have been negotiating for weeks about the health fund’s reserves.

The debate was fueled by the fact that the statutory health insurance system (SHI) – i.E., the health insurance funds and their money collection agency, the health fund – currently has a financial cushion of 19.5 billion euros. 9.5 billion of this will go to the fund. More than half of this money is committed. The government can dispose of around 4.4 billion euros from the fund reserve.


Post chief sees huge opportunities in china

Post chief sees huge opportunities in china

The share of the asia-pacific region in deutsche post DHL’s business will increase from one-fifth to one-third in the next five years, appel said at a press conference in shanghai on wednesday. With an investment of 175 million U.S. Dollars, the world’s largest logistics group will open its major hub in asia on thursday at the port metropolis’ pudong international airport to further expand its strong presence.

As the most important market, china already accounts for ten percent of DHL’s business today. The new hub in shanghai will be the world’s third-largest hub in terms of capacity after cincinnati in the u.S. And leipzig – twice as big as the previous number three in hong kong. DHL plans to invest another 400 million euros in china over the next few years and further expand its market share. "Despite some difficulties in economic development, there is no doubt that asia will continue to grow quite strongly," said appel.

The outlook for china is very good. The economy of the second largest economy in the world is growing very strongly. DHL also has an excellent market position as the leading logistics provider. "Over the last three decades, we have built a unique platform in the asian markets and laid the foundation for the sustainable success of our DHL divisions," said appel. "We are excellently positioned to grow profitably in the long term throughout the region."


Hardly any murmurings against outgoing mario gotze

Hardly any murmurings against outgoing mario gotze

One day after the surprise news of the 20-year-old exceptional conner’s summer move from borussia dortmund to german soccer champions FC bayern, fans were reluctant to criticize him before and during the game against the spanish star ensemble.

When gotze and his teammates ran out onto the pitch to hug about 45 minutes before kickoff, the team erupted in applause. And even when the former spectator favorite made contact with the ball for the first time after the kickoff, the stadium remained silent. Here and there gotze could even enjoy positive reactions. "Thank you mario" was written on a poster. Only when the lineup was read out, there were isolated whistles at the name gotze.

The day before there had been heavy scolding of many fubball fans especially on the internet. Above all, the timing of the transfer announcement shortly before the important duel with real angered the BVB supporters. Out of concern for massive protests, coach jurgen klopp made an urgent appeal to the fans on tuesday to also support gotze unconditionally during the game. This request was repeated over the stadium loudspeakers shortly before kickoff.


Population study: cities grow – counties shrink

Population study: cities grow - counties shrink

The population of major cities and their surrounding areas has grown significantly in recent years, while it has shrunk in some rural areas far from urban centers.

As the federal institute for research on building, urban affairs and spatial development (BBSR) announced in bonn on tuesday, 282 of the 401 districts and independent cities in germany increased their population between 2010 and 2016. Many rural areas also had more inhabitants, but in the already sparsely populated counties, the population declined even further.

On the plus side are the 66 independent metropolitan areas, which together grew by 1.35 million inhabitants – or 5.9 percent – between 2010 and 2016. By way of comparison: between 2000 and 2010, only 240,000 new residents were added to the population. "Apart from a few exceptions in the ruhr region, all of the major cities in the region recorded an increase in population between 2010 and 2016," states the federal institute BBSR as the result of its study.


Kirchweih bischberg

Kirchweih bischberg

All of bischberg is back on its feet again when it’s time for "wenn sei kerwa is? Unnera!" From 31. August to 3. September the whole community celebrates kirchweih and is looking forward to a broad and colorful program after a year of waiting and weeks of preparation.

It already starts with the first high point of the kirchweih on friday, 31. August. There the traditional church fair tree is set up by the voluntary fire department of bischberg. They catch up the tree, drive it to the mooring and bring it upright there. Followed by the official opening of the kerwa. From 19 o’clock is then party announced – the band "full steam" performs on the evening. The five-headed group describe themselves as "lederhosen, atmosphere and pure party" and guarantee hits that make a marquee shake. Traditional events await the guests on the weekend, because on the days the regnitz river is used for ficherstechen – an old fishing custom, in which two teams on boats compete against each other and try to push themselves into the water with the help of spears.

Sunday, 2. September, starts relaxed at 10 o’clock with the festive service and the flag parade as the next high point after the tree raising. The name day of the saint to whom the church is consecrated is celebrated in a reflective way during the service. At 4 p.M., the sporting action continues – with the fubball home game of the 1. FC 1926 bischberg. At 19 o’clock is then after a humid fischerstech-weekend then the award ceremony of the best participant in the marquee. On monday, 3. September, heibt it then to celebrate the conclusion of the kirchweih. At 5 p.M. There is the traditional cock-knocking at the soccer field – not only a great fun for all the participants, but also for all the spectators. At 18 o’clock the place should be cleared, because then the football game of bischberg club representatives against the kreistagself takes place.