A duo spins for the city festival

A duo spins for the city festival

There were and are many tasks for the duo, for example the creation of a plan for the car mile. After all, car dealers need to know where they can show off their cars. The children's program must be coordinated. Discussions have to be held with retailers, service providers and restaurateurs, as well as with the authorities.
For dietrich denzner, these are not new things, but they are still new challenges every time. The 54-year-old has been chairman of the kronach action group since 2009, and has been a member for more than 30 years. So he knows his stuff, he has experienced highs and lows with the action community.
Michaela weiss, on the other hand, is rather "new. Although the co-owner of mode weiss has been a member for several years, she has only been really active since this year, when a new advertising council was set up at the last annual general meeting at the suggestion of mayor wolfgang beiergroblein (). The makeup artist now acts as an instrument between the members and the board of directors.

Memory of old town festival

As a member of the advertising council, she sees more opportunities to represent the interests of the retail trade and to revitalize her industry, explains the 37-year-old. She also wanted to restore the original character of the old town festival to a large extent, especially in the case of the town festival. Another concern is to get the next generation excited about the activities of the action group.
Your main task at the city festival was and is to get the associations on board. "My wish is that we pull together again and organize more events", she says.
The 37-year-old is somewhat proud that she has managed to win over the fire department, the basketball players, the tennis club and the bowlers to participate in this year's city festival. Some clubs will offer sports activities, the fire department will present the opel blitz and the chronicle.
Contacts have been intensified through the talks and the various meetings with the representatives of the associations in the run-up to the event. In addition, she feels that there is more understanding for each other.

New ideas brought in

Chairman dietrich denzner also views this development with goodwill. He considers the advertising council to be a great institution within the action group. It wasn't long ago that a certain routine crept in. There was a board of directors and a large number of passive members. This had negative effects: there was a lack of momentum, a lack of enthusiasm for holding events.
Now, thanks to the advertising council, new ideas are emerging. More meetings are held to discuss the pros and cons of these proposals. One advantage is that almost every shopping street has an advertising council, denzner explains. This has also strengthened the ties between the individual traders and the action community. For as a rule, the business people in the individual streets of kronach maintained good neighborly relations.
Dietrich denzner would like to see more retailers, retail chains and business people join the action group and get involved. "After all, they also profit from our activities such as open sundays!"

High timeauand

Denzner and weiss currently invest around 15 to 20 hours a week in organizing and running the town festival. At such an event, however, all board members, advisory boards and many members are called upon, says the chairman.
There will be no respite after the city festival. Then the next item on the program will be the christmas market. "This will be a great challenge", dietrich denzner is certain. In this context, he invites the members to contribute to this highlight.
But for now, denzner said, he hopes that the efforts regarding the town festival will pay off. The greatest reward, in his eyes, was when the action group was able to bury thousands of visitors this weekend.

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