After graduating from high school: how to secure child support for your offspring

After graduating from high school: how to secure child support for your offspring

The rough goal is achieved, but now the real work begins. After graduating from high school, young people have to watch out, otherwise their child benefit will be cut off. For parents, the question arises: will child benefits continue to be paid even if studies do not begin for several months?? Or should high school graduates register as unemployed for the time being??

How long do adults receive child benefit?

If the offspring is of age, parents can generally leave the field until the age of 25. Continue to receive child benefit after your 60th birthday. However, it is a prerequisite that the children are in initial education or are doing voluntary service. Important: the family insurance fund must be informed of the changes, explains the federal employment agency. Otherwise, payments may be stopped for the time being.

Child benefit between high school graduation and studies

If the next stage of education begins within four months after the end of the school education, it is sufficient to send the local family insurance fund a certificate of the beginning of the education or study or a certificate of a continuing school. If the evidence is not available in time, it can also be submitted later.

No child benefit for the orientation year

Many high school graduates like to explore the world and enjoy their freedom after graduation. In this case, the child benefit will not be paid out. One exception is the waiting period rule: if the child has applied to several universities but does not receive a place at university until after a year's wait, the child benefit will generally continue to be paid. If you are registered as unemployed, you can apply for unemployment benefits up to the age of 21. Receive child benefit after the age of 60.

Child benefit for military service and master's studies

Anyone who wants to start an apprenticeship but is unable to do so due to a lack of an apprenticeship place can continue to receive child benefits if he or she has not yet found a job despite serious efforts to do so. In this case, applications and refusals must be submitted as documents.

By the way: also about the 25. Child benefit will be paid after the age of 18 if the person has done military service or civilian service, or if he or she has committed to military service for three years.

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