Altmaier: U.S. Penal tariffs to have little impact on german economy

Altmaier: u.s. penal tariffs to have little impact on german economy

The damage to the german steel stoves will be limited, the CDU politician told the "welt am sonntag" newspaper. "I believe that german steel exporters supply such high quality steel for special applications that u.S. Customers cannot do without it and that the german side does not have to fear for its market share."

Altmaier reacted calmly to the possibility that U.S. President donald trump might impose further punitive tariffs and, for example, make it more expensive to export german cars: "we shouldn’t let ourselves get carried away. No one in the U.S. Has claimed that there is any automatism in this regard."He had also met members of congress in washington who were well aware of how many jobs german companies have created in the u.S. "Especially the car manufacturers," said altmaier.

The vice chairman of the union faction in the bundestag, carsten linnemann, made a plea for further negotiations between the eu and washington. The european union must "continue to seek dialogue with the americans without making itself small," the CDU politician told "bild am sonntag" newspaper. The leader of the conservative party in the european parliament, manfred weber (CSU), said they were open for discussion "up to a new start for an eu-us free trade agreement". However, the EU "must not let trump dictate the terms".

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