Bavaria’s political leadership canvasses the youth

Bavaria's political leadership canvasses the youth

No less than three top candidates in the state parliament elections came to the political dialogue with the rural youth: natascha kohnen (SPD), hubert aiwanger () and katharina schulze (grune) as well as CSU secretary general markus blume took part in a panel discussion. The topics of the KLJB such as youth participation, sustainability and land consumption were discussed controversially and deepened in small groups with the prominent guests.

"We are very pleased that we can continue the important dialogue with the policy as catholic youth federation also with our national assembly with approximately 100 delegates. Our delegates want to represent the interests of the rural youth and will themselves start youth-minded appointments with all democratic parties as part of our project #wirhabenwaszusagen" says KLJB state president christina kornell (volkach), who heads the podium with state president rupert heindl (kirchdorf bei haag i. OB) moderated.

The KLJB delegates chose fundamental and long-term topics: "how can the youth be fairly involved?? How can we ensure that bavaria has a genuine sustainability strategy that sets clear ecological and social limits to economic interests?? These are the topics that interest our people as KLJB and on which we already have some political decisions from the last years", declares rupert heindl.

The current petition for a referendum on limiting land consumption in bavaria was also discussed controversially, and only the state chairwoman of grunen, katharina schulze, supported it: "because voluntary commitments are simply no longer enough." SPD state chairwoman natascha kohnen rejected the petition for a referendum because it was not enough to set a target for land consumption without defining the means for state planning and because possible certificate trading would be to the detriment of financially weak communities. CSU secretary general markus blume sees too bureaucratic intervention in the implementation of the lower levels of the municipalities, despite correct and common objectives in the consumption of space. For the -state chairman hubert aiwanger there is still a lot of potential in the consumption of land for other reasons such as regulations on the need for parking space rather than in the pure limitation by law.

The KLJB decides in the final proposal discussion on sunday morning about its participation, which the state board recommends to the state assembly.

Several workshops offered political education on friday before the panel discussion. Several workshops offered political education on friday even before the podium under the motto "we have something to say".A. With practical reports on youth participation from the district of roth, the city of wurzburg or the bavarian youth ring. In addition there was a workshop "political theater" with theaterpdadagogin maria hohensteiger, which was built in right at the start of the panel and two "argumentation trainings" at once – once against "right wing slogans, offered by two young team members of the "parsnips from munich and once under the title "daring politics, that shows the different perspectives of burghers and politicians with practical exercises.

The 69. Regional assembly of the KLJB bavaria meets until sunday in haus volkersberg. Around 100 delegates and guests from all over bavaria will elect a new state executive board on saturday and discuss proposals such as the participation of the KLJB in the petition for a referendum against land consumption in bavaria, education policy and more sustainability in the church. Heiko tammena

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