Old mitburgers informed themselves during a round trip through eltmann

old mitburgers informed themselves during a round trip through eltmann

"We attach great importance to creating a pleasant living environment for all generations. This begins with the most modern kindergarten and daycare centers, continues with our school center, and ends with the senior citizens’ home. Young feels who takes part in the things of life, and today you shall learn a lot about eltmann and its districts." This was emphasized by first mayor michael ziegler (CSU) when he invited over 60 participants to a "senior citizens’ day" and a tour of eltmann and its neighborhoods welcomed on the market square.

Ziegler expressed his pleasure that so many women and men showed their interest in what was happening in their home town. Young people are those who enjoy life, look forward to certain events with anticipation and still have both feet on the ground. It is also said that everyone is as old or as young as he feels.

In the industrial area it was learned that eltmann currently offers 2100 jobs. The largest employers are schaeffler, with 550 employees, and the palm paper mill, with 230 employees.


Public debt rises to record high

Public debt rises to record high

This was 2.1 percent or 42.3 billion euros more than in the same quarter of the previous year, according to the federal statistical office in wiesbaden on monday. The two trillion mark had been exceeded for the first time in 2010.

The debt of the federal government and its extra budgets alone increased by 1.0 percent over the year to around 1.286 billion euros. The extra budgets include the financial market stabilization fund to rescue banks and the investment and redemption fund set up for the economic stimulus packages after the global financial crisis.

The countries’ debt mountain – cash loans, credit market debt and extra budgets – grew by 4.0 percent to 622.7 billion euros. With an increase of 4.7 percent, municipal debts rose the most in percentage terms. At the end of march, they had a deficit of around 133.1 billion euros (plus 6.0 billion). The share of cash loans, which are actually only intended to bridge payment bottlenecks in the short term, increased by 2.1 percentage points to 35.9 percent.


Soon bread will be baked again

While the building applications submitted to the meeting of the hallerndorf town council were approved unanimously and without discussion by the council members, a lengthy discussion ensued regarding the renovation of the second oven in pautzfeld.

For the baking oven located high above the kammerer inn, the community of participants has developed a utilization concept and the office for rural development (ALE) is prepared to demand a total of 65 percent (60 percent village renewal and 5 percent ILE bonus) for the purchase. The basis for this is that the renovation was already included in the overall concept that was originally approved. Mayor gerhard bauer estimated the necessary costs at around 25000 euro. In consultation with architect jurgen schonfelder, he based his estimate on the costs incurred for the renovation of the first oven.

So far, no money has been budgeted for this item, bauer explained, but it is possible to use money from other projects for it. For example, there is money in the budget for the bike paths that could be used for the oven instead.


Neuses celebrates its 85th birthday. Kirchweih

Neuses celebrates its 85th birthday. Kirchweih

The 17. September 1933 was a memorable day for neuses, as archbishop jacobus von hauck consecrated the church, which had finally been completed after many moans and sacrifices, to the plague saint st. Sebastian was consecrated. Now the "new" ones are celebrating this year for the 85th time. Paint your "kerwa.

The local chronicle shows that the desire for a church in neuses was already very old. No sacrifice was too great for the burghers to make this dream come true. Already at the turn of the century, the small church of kleinziegenfeld was to be rebuilt under the mayor georg hummel. The plans for this are still available today. Only for lack of money was given up. In the 1920s, under mayor lorenz richter, the "prayer room" was built as a makeshift inaugurated.

Construction financed with donations

At that time, the owners of the neuseser car plant had stones from the community quarries to the "plan" driven. Here used to be a small elevation, just right for a house of worship. But during the construction of the flood dam at the turn of the century, this height was removed, which is why the church today stands lower than the passing street. Now also money donations were collected, about 2000 marks from the political community. The catholic youth club also played with the theater piece "the angel of peace 2000 marks a. 14000 marks were collected in a fundraising campaign throughout bavaria. Together with the generous donations from the citizens of neuses, this formed the basis for the construction of the church. Since all the owners of the carriages were still fetching bricks free of charge from the hummendorf brickworks, as in the old days when they had to serve in lieu of work, it was possible almost exactly 84 years ago, on the 18th of december, to build a new brickworks in the town of hummendorf. September 1932, the foundation stone is laid.


Woman hit by subway in nurnberg: she was only found two hours later

woman hit by subway in nurnberg: she was only found two hours later

At 10:50 p.M., the subway driver (54) notified the control center of the traffic company nurnberg. When the train was entering the messezentrum subway station, he had noticed a person in the track area and heard a dull thud, which is why a braking maneuver was immediately initiated. According to current information, passengers were not injured in the incident.

Witnesses wanted: two men threaten woman in furth and demand money

Despite an intensive search by the fire department and police, no person could be found under the subway or the train. The following were found in the track area. Witnesses revealed that when the subway arrived, a woman who had apparently been relieving herself left the track bed and got on an opposite subway and drove away.