Population study: cities grow – counties shrink

Population study: cities grow - counties shrink

The population of major cities and their surrounding areas has grown significantly in recent years, while it has shrunk in some rural areas far from urban centers.

As the federal institute for research on building, urban affairs and spatial development (BBSR) announced in bonn on tuesday, 282 of the 401 districts and independent cities in germany increased their population between 2010 and 2016. Many rural areas also had more inhabitants, but in the already sparsely populated counties, the population declined even further.

On the plus side are the 66 independent metropolitan areas, which together grew by 1.35 million inhabitants – or 5.9 percent – between 2010 and 2016. By way of comparison: between 2000 and 2010, only 240,000 new residents were added to the population. "Apart from a few exceptions in the ruhr region, all of the major cities in the region recorded an increase in population between 2010 and 2016," states the federal institute BBSR as the result of its study.


With tricorn and top hat

With tricorn and top hat

Forchheim- whoever encounters people with black glasses and brass-studded clothing at the next carnival event should not be surprised. This is the foolish trend of the year and is called steampunk.
This fashion trend combines modern and futuristic technical "building blocks" knotted with victorian-era materials, creating a distinct retro-tech look.
"The demand for steampunk cladding is so high that we have to replenish the accessories every 30 to 60 minutes", reports helena wendrock from globus self-service department store. It is expected that this demand will grow even stronger. After all, there are still many carnival parties to come and many short-tempered people will only start looking for a suitable costume in the coming days. But no one need fear going home empty-handed if they want to show up this year in the popular brass-colored retro look. Suppliers have recognized the trend and are busy placing repeat orders.

Unicorns in trend

Even though they were already sold sporadically last year, it was only this year that they became a real bestseller and the "trend of the year": unicorn costumes. A wide range of products, from hair bands with glittering horns, to full body suits and silicone masks, offer the admirers of the mythical creature a great deal of choice.
Mind you, the unicorn costume is not only popular among female carnival enthusiasts. There are also some men who can’t get rid of their clothes while trying them on, and continue shopping in glittering pink unicorn costumes.
For the small and smallest are in this season especially disguises in the style of their cinema heroes particularly in demand. Thus probably each carnival visitor becomes sooner or later one of elsa from walt disneys "the ice queen – completely unverfroren", run into a superman from the DC comics, or a captain america from the marvel comics. And also this year it heibt: "come get out the lasso!" Cowboys and indians are still popular. As well as the preserved disguises as fireman and policeman. The latter are becoming increasingly popular, especially among girls.

Individuality is the order of the day

Even though there may very well be stylistic trends this year, you will rarely see the same disguise twice., finds lena habel from the neunkirchen carnival association. Fewer and fewer carnival enthusiasts buy complete costumes, but instead put together their own disguises with the help of a selection from an ever-widening range of accessories. Do-it-yourself is also becoming increasingly popular among carnival caterers.
"Custom-made one-of-a-kind trim is more popular than ever", remarks jessica andrews from the toy market hobauer. "We’ve never sold as much fabric as we did this year!" Group and partner costumes such as burglars, superheroes or smurfs are still popular, however. And if you have no idea what to dress up as, you can buy a prison jumpsuit or force yourself into a banana or strawberry costume. If necessary, a bed sheet will do . Ready is the little ghost.


Expert: trend toward regionalization on the net is growing

"Heimat will become an uncanny trend as the root of life," said bernhard luders, managing director of the company that is among the applicants for new address spaces on the internet. "Regionalization on the net is far from complete."

The north rhine-westphalian regiodot from essen had applied for the new top level domain (TLD) ".Ruhr" advertised. On wednesday, the internet administration ICANN announced the almost 2000 applications for new endings. According to the industry association eco, 66 interested parties applied for a geographic TLD based on the pattern of the "ruhr" .Region or .City had applied.

"We want to give the region a common name," said luders. Many regional suppliers used the new possibilities of addressing in the net as a commitment to their own region. Around 10,000 companies already had the regional reference ruhr in their internet address, so there was a rough need for it.