Club has a lot planned

club has a lot planned

The annual general meeting of the local history society was well prepared and suitably well attended. The planned event on 15. June with spilk and fredi breunig at the sport home is already casting its shadows ahead. Under the title "A dream, otherwise it comes from fredi breunig, for whom it is a long-cherished dream to perform together with spilk in schmalwasser, a rough open-air festival is to be put on its feet. At 18 o’clock it already goes off, so that also older mitburger have the possibility of enjoying the two high points of the celebration. Even though admission is free, donations will be made to benefit the lebenshilfe rhon-grabfeld charity.

Chairman steffen zehe recalled in his review the excursion to the state horticultural show in wurzburg last year, which was organized together with the hunting comrades. The redesign of the war memorial has been postponed, because the church administration and the community of sandberg have plans for barrier-free access and will thus also come to the area of the war memorial. "It makes sense to wait and plan together", says zehe. The kneipp facility has also been put on hold, at least until the construction of the new fire station is completed. The popular festival at the waterwheel can only take place again when the construction work is finished. Construction work is currently underway on the bridge.

Baking oven festival went down well

Baking with the new oven was very well received. The burgers had the opportunity to bring their own dough in a baking pan and bake bread or cakes in a wood-burning oven. This baking was combined with a feast, and of course nothing of the delicacies was left over. This year the baking is to be offered again, but the date has not been fixed yet. The tent was rented out four times last year. In the meantime, he said, the local association has bought a new roof tarp and a string of lights. Whether a tent cleaning will be necessary, is to be decided at the end of the year.

The signs for the salt forest alliance that schmalwasser’s and steinach’s local associations entered into a few years ago are finally to be put up this year. A visit to the gallimarkt, one of the oldest folk festivals in bavaria, in mainburg, combined with a two-day excursion and a mixture of socializing and culture, is being considered. The board will ask the members if there is interest and if a program should be worked out.

A new resting bench was set up at the wayside shrine, sponsored by mayor sonja reubelt. The local history society had set up six benches and a table in the area around schmalwasser. Further banks are now no longer planned.

The local history society is involved in the construction of the nature discovery trail in sandberg. The chairman and members are present at the work assignments.

The results of the new elections were as follows: chairman steffen zehe, deputy chairman jochen fuchs, treasurer carmen zehe, secretary sonja reubelt. The assessors are maria holzheimer, gisela endres, benjamin endres, benjamin holzheimer, ruben krenzer and dirk zehe.

Tent manager is tobias krenzer. Box-office audiences are johannes holzheimer and wolfgang friedel.

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