Coburg’s preuben-adler has come back

Coburg's preuben-adler has come back

The eagle was never far away: the sandstone bird, which weighs around eight hundredweight, survived the renovation of the monument at ernstplatz on the gerust. Since yesterday it sits again on the saule, which reminds of the german-french war of 1870/71.

"The eagle was so fragile, that a transport had salvaged a lot of dangers", says master stonemason christoph kleese. That is why the eagle received its rejuvenation cure directly on the gerust, under the enclosure that enclosed the entire memorial. Micro-particle blasting was used to remove dirt and deposits that had already given the sandstone bird a dark patina.

The eagle with the powerful claws is hewn from a single block of reed sandstone. While it was possible to preserve it, the capital on which it stands had to be rebuilt. The memorial itself was made of zeiler sandstone, tells christoph klesse. It no longer exists, the quarry is exhausted. For the reconstructed capital, klesse used sandstone from sand am main, which lies opposite zeil on the other side of the main. Only a few parts of the original capital had survived, and klesse and his assistants had to reconstruct everything. It took them around 300 hours of work.

While workers dismantle the scaffolding that obscured the view of the monument during the work, the eagle on the crane hovers above the inner work scaffolding directly next to the sow. Christoph klesse gives the signal to lift, then his companions michael klesse and johann djatlov push the bird over to the pedestal. Centimeter by centimeter, the sandstone stone sinks down, its gaze fixed on the city. Finally johann djatlov can loosen the straps – the eagle has reached its final position. Now only the chocks have to be removed, then christoph klesse can start to apply the mortel to connect the eagle firmly to its base.

Good 85.The restoration of the memorial will cost 000 euros, says harald reibenweber, who is responsible for the upkeep of the war memorial at the city’s building department. The costs had been estimated at around 110 .000 euros, but according to reibenweber, the city received more favorable offers. In addition, there is a grant from the preservation of historical monuments.

For the time being, the original gilding of the monument has also been saved. Otherwise, the costs had been in excess of 138.000 euros, and that was too expensive for the building and environment senate.

A year ago, there was also political resistance to renovation: the monument is a reminder of a war that started on the german side, said wolfgang weib (grune) in the building and environment senate just over a year ago. At the time, carl-christian dressel (SPD) also mocked the "wilhelminian imperial eagle" of the accused. The monument had already been fenced in for two years because it was dilapidated.

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