Corona numbers on the rise: austria cracks down hard

Corona numbers on the rise: austria cracks down hard

Austria continues to tighten the leash in view of the sharp rise in new corona infections: since sunday night, only six people have been allowed to meet indoors away from their own four walls, for example at dance or yoga classes or private birthday parties, while twelve people have been banned from the streets.

This also applies to amateur choruses and music bands. Restaurants now also have a maximum of six adults per table instead of the previous ten. On the street you have to keep a distance of one meter from people you live with.

The number of reported new corona infections had again reached a record high on saturday. 3614 cases were reported within 24 hours, after 2571 the day before. The number of newly reported traps within seven days rose to 172.1 per 100.000 inhabitants. By way of comparison, according to the robert koch institute, this figure is currently 68.4 in germany. The austrian states of salzburg, tyrol and vorarlberg, which border on germany, are severely affected.

The compulsory wearing of masks is extended in the public sphere. Wearing a mouth-nose covering is now mandatory at train stations, bus stops and in shopping arcades. In public transport, such as cable cars, coaches and excursion boats, and when shopping, it was already in force.

Opera or theater-goers must also wear mouth and nose protection during the entire performance. Until now, you were allowed to take off the mask at your own seat. Masks are now compulsory when visiting old people’s homes, as well as at indoor and outdoor markets. Rough events may now only take place with 1000 instead of 1500 participants indoors and with 1500 instead of previously 3000 participants outdoors.

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