Cosplay: succumbing to the fascination of mangas

Cosplay: succumbing to the fascination of mangas

The most exciting thing is the optics. People who are into mangas, comics and anime, all part of japanese youth culture, usually love to dress up as well. That's why the jaico team's first event in january turned into a colorful spectacle. "We had 150 visitors. They even came from frankfurt and munich", tells oleg maisner, one of the organizers of jaico (japan in coburg). And because the premiere was so successful, there will be a new event on saturday, 1 january. June, there will be a new edition. "We have decided to expand the program", says oleg maisner.

Pokemons approach
The yu-gi-oh and pokemon tournaments (card games), mario kart and super smash (for wii) will be maintained. The calligraphy course will also be offered again. In addition, there are the workshops "close for beginners" and "creative factory – designing with fimo". What's behind it? During the sewing course, participants can make their own stuffed animals, for example their favorite pokemon. Creative design using fimmo, a clay that is baked to make it hard as stone, hangers, jewelry and digimon figures are shaped and hardened.

Visitors who participate in cos play, i.E. Come in costume, but also everyone else can have their photo taken and thus take home a very personal souvenir of the event. Anime fans will find all kinds of collector's items in a trading room specially set up for the event. "The high point this time is to be a stage program", emphasizes oleg maisner. The program includes japanese singing, performed live and accompanied by a shamisen, a three-stringed lute instrument. And there will be readings of japanese tales – not only for the little ones.

Cosplay competition
At the cosplay competition, participants can show how well they know their anime or movie character. Games to participate in and guess are also intended to motivate the audience in front of the stage to participate actively. Oleg maisner, who is doing his vocational training as a social pedagogue at the domino youth center and is a fan of japan, praises the preparation team. "They accomplish a lot." There are now 15 people who put the jaico event on its feet together.

The team includes young people who regularly visit the domino, but also eldrid ehlers, who, like oleg maisner, works at the youth center and is infected by jaico. "I am the link between the group and the domino." Because besides the content of the theme day, the finances must also be clarified and permits obtained. "I'll take care of that", tells eldrid ehlers.

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