Cry for help from the vocational school for music in kronach is heeded

Cry for help from the vocational school for music in kronach is heeded

The rooms of the vocational school for music (bfm) seem as if time had stood still in them. While the training and the teachers received a lot of praise in our article from july 2018, there were already critical voices from the schoolchildren for the room situation at that time. And not only from them. The two school principals, andreas wolf and burkhart schurmann, also appealed to the decision-makers to ensure improvements in a timely manner. Now there seems to be some movement in the matter.

A billboard

"The vocational school for music in kronach is a flagship of qualified training for state-certified musicians in upper franconia", in a press release issued by the district on monday, the educational institution was given a very good report. However, the document also contains the admission that the structural condition of the facility alone was increasingly restricting the school's operations.

For this reason, there was now a top-level discussion in which the situation was brought to a head with the school management, the administration and the representatives of politics. District administrator klaus loffler as well as representatives of the district council, staff council chairwoman birgit eichstadter and district president henry schramm listened attentively to what principal andreas wolf had to say. "It was a pleasant, thoroughly positive conversation", wolf reported on monday in an interview with our newspaper. Above all, he was pleased that the district administrator really cares about the issue and wants to continue to take care of it also at the district level.

Education at kronach vocational school for music suffers from lack of space

"It has been emphasized with great courage that there is a need for action", wolf draws a conclusion that gives him courage. And the important thing: there should not be improvements at some point, but as soon as possible. This is particularly important to wolf, because under the current conditions, it should not continue for another ten years.

In his view, the current situation is a clear competitive disadvantage for the highly praised kronach school. While other institutions are digging deep into their pockets and sprucing themselves up for modern conditions, little has changed in terms of space at the local vocational school for music in decades. There is a lack of space and a modern environment.

Needs recognized

Something should finally change. Loffler and schramm, who are at the helm of the vocational school's special-purpose association, spoke out unanimously in favor of making lasting improvements to the school's accommodations. "We stand by our responsibility and behind the vocational school of music. Together we must look for good solutions to ensure the continued existence of the vocational school in kronach", the two politicians agreed after the one-and-a-half-hour discussion. "This requires planning for existing buildings or finding suitable properties and land."

The solution to the problem is to meet both the "requirements of a contemporary space" and the "needs of the students" and also keep an eye on barrier-free accessibility. Wolf explained that the building in its current state could not meet the needs of about 60 students at the vocational school and about 300 children at the district music school, as well as a school operation from 8 to 21.30 o'clock.

Important training branch

District administrator klaus loffler emphasized that the musical education of young people at this school is of great importance. All options for improvement therefore had to be examined. He has already presented a concrete idea: "one possibility might be to combine the two schools as part of the renovation of our vocational school in siechenangerstrabe."

Principal andreas wolf could well imagine such a cooperation and had already brought it up last year himself. He speaks of synergy effects when classrooms are not empty for half the day in one school while others are missing elsewhere. The schoolchildren themselves could also benefit from coming into contact with young people from other professional fields.

The administration of the district administration office in kronach, headed by district chamberlain gunter daum, has now been given the task of looking for properties and real estate that could offer the vocational school of music a new home. One focus here is on good connections to the district town. Meanwhile, the two school principals will draw up a space and function program.

New building for bad konigshofen's vocational school for music can begin

The question raised by werner roder, head of the district, about an organizational and financial separation between the district music school and the vocational school with joint use of the new rooms is to be resolved by mutual agreement between the district and the district, as district council president henry schramm announced.

A start has therefore been made on making the vocational school fit for the future. However, politicians should not take too long to follow up with action. Because: the competitors are not asleep, and with each additional year, more lost ground will have to be made up.

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