Deep insights into the intestine

Deep insights into the intestine

"Your food should be a remedy and your remedies a food." If you take this 2400 year old sentence of good old hippocrates as a yardstick for the eating habits of people today, it is not surprising that intestinal cancer is on the rise. "We eat too much, too fat, too sub, too one-sided", axel thalmann called out to the audience who had found their way to the old synagogue in kitzingen early saturday morning. Under the auspices of the felix burda foundation, the physicians of the kitzinger land intestinal center had invited to the 3. Patient seminar invited.

"Prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer through exercise and nutrition" was the topic of the doctors, who agreed on two points in particular: firstly, colorectal cancer is the most curable type of cancer and secondly, there are now effective ways of preventing it from developing in the first place.

The advertising is able to exchange

At the beginning thomas brohm spoke about sense and nonsense of so called probiotics. By this the expert understands living micro-organisms, which have a protective or even healing effect. The layman encounters these organisms first in advertising and then on the supermarket shelves. The medical expert's conclusion was sobering: studies with which the manufacturers of these products want to prove their medical effectiveness are not scientifically tenable with five to a maximum of 50 test subjects. The products themselves also contain too much sugar. However, brohm did not want to completely sweep the super yogurts off the table: "for irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis or morbus crohn", according to the physician, "the products can make a valuable contribution".

Conscious nutrition

The decisive contribution in the prevention of intestinal cancer is made by "intestine-healthy nutrition" a. "Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, vitamin-rich food, less red meat and more female meat from poultry or fish", riet thalmann. "And move them", the physician warned: "the intestine becomes a stretcher when we become a stretcher." Exercise stimulates intestinal peristalsis, which means that potentially carcinogenic substances, such as those carried into the intestines by smoked or very hot roasted or grilled meat, cannot settle there for long.

In this context, brohm also advised sufficient fluid: 1.5 liters a day should be enough. Mineral water with a high calcium content is ideal. "And do not sub with refined sugar, but with honey or with stevia." The sub herb has been approved in germany since last year and is regarded as the "sub substance of the future. Furthermore, folic acid, beta-carotene and aspirin are substances that support the intestine. "The hundred-year-old drug has effects that we still don't fully understand", summed up the specialist.

Colonoscopy to watch

Those whose heads were spinning with so much information had the opportunity to see for themselves how the intestines are examined during the break. Monika weikert used a model to show how a colonoscopy works. "Compared to the past", the internist explained, "today, a colonoscopy is much more pleasant for the patient." The bystanders nodded. Many of them have already gone through the procedure. Wendelin husam is one of them. Twice he has already had inflammations of the intestinal wall and was therefore treated in the kitzingen hospital. "I found the colonoscopy with professor dreher to be okay", said the 44-year-old. "It's really not that bad anymore." Since the treatments he has changed his life accordingly. "I lost 15 kilos and now i bought a new bike."

To focus life a little more on the gut was the advice of visceral surgeon volker fackeldey, who organized the event. "Cancer is never just a disease of the gut alone. It is always a disease of the whole man." He advised to give the right turn to his life at the crucial points. "A little more exercise and a healthy diet can go a long way to improving your health."

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