Expert: trend toward regionalization on the net is growing

"Heimat will become an uncanny trend as the root of life," said bernhard luders, managing director of the company that is among the applicants for new address spaces on the internet. "Regionalization on the net is far from complete."

The north rhine-westphalian regiodot from essen had applied for the new top level domain (TLD) ".Ruhr" advertised. On wednesday, the internet administration ICANN announced the almost 2000 applications for new endings. According to the industry association eco, 66 interested parties applied for a geographic TLD based on the pattern of the "ruhr" .Region or .City had applied.

"We want to give the region a common name," said luders. Many regional suppliers used the new possibilities of addressing in the net as a commitment to their own region. Around 10,000 companies already had the regional reference ruhr in their internet address, so there was a rough need for it.

For the new address .Ruhr, more than 30,000 customers could be won, estimates luders. Even small tradespeople such as craft businesses should not be deterred by additional costs of around 30 euros a year. Companies could be found much better in the net and immediately showed a reference to the region. "If .Dysentery, it is one from here."

In a historic step that is set to fundamentally change the internet, an almost arbitrary number of new top level domains will be permitted for the first time in the future. The applications received so far were announced by ICANN on wednesday. While the overwhelming majority of entries were brand names such as .Apple or .Sony, more than 60 registrars are applying for a geographic ending, among them also .Hamburg and .Berlin. After a thorough examination, the first new endings were not allowed to be launched before the end of the year.

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