F euerwehrhaus still without telephone connection and internet

F euerwehrhaus still without telephone connection and internet

Attendance of residents at the castle meetings in the various parts of the municipality of wartmannsroth varies considerably. In windheim, hubert roth and mayor jurgen karle were pleased with the "full house".

Yes, one obviously feels quite comfortable in this friendly designed fire station. Bright colors, a modern heating system and a super architectural look invite you to linger in comfort. However, something is still missing in the whole building, namely a telephone connection.

"I want to know where the fire is, it came from the ranks of the active firefighters. In today’s digital radio age, you can see the alarm on your cell phone, but not the location of the call. At least one fax was able to provide informative relief for the firefighters who arrived later. An internet connection would also be quite useful for the operation of the meeting room by the clubs, said herbert aul.

To the "crisscross parked cars in parts of weinbergstrabe drew the attention of erich schottdorf. Difficulties are also to be expected for the winter road clearance service. "I’ve always been able to get through with my vehicle", replied aul. However, some of the signs indicating the speed limit of 30 km/h have faded in the meantime. Further reports and suggestions for improvement concerned the parking lot at the fire station, the condition of the mass grave at the cemetery and the wish for a bench for the bus stop. Whether the lake is newly leased, he does not know, karle answered to a question.

Karle noticed that a tree had broken on the playground slope. He had noticed that the klingenbach, due to its low water level, now had room for a burrow in the middle of the creek bed. Karle pointed to the date of 26. November at 19.30 in the town hall, where the water mapping for the municipality of wartmannsroth will be presented.

In his review, the mayor confirmed that windheim has 278 inhabitants. Among them 247 with main residence.

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