First hearing for “canadian psycho” via video

First hearing for 'canadian psycho' via video

Accompanied by six canadian police officers, the 29-year-old, who allegedly killed a friend on camera and dismembered the body, had arrived in montreal in a canadian air force airbus. There he should still speak on tuesday via video conference with a judge.

CTV television reported that the judiciary had decided at short notice not to summon magnotta in person. Instead, he is being videoed from a detention center to a judge. At the same time the date was postponed to tuesday afternoon (local time). The reasons for the changes to the original plan were not disclosed at first.

"We are very happy and relieved that the suspected killer is in montreal and will have to face justice," police chief ian lafreniere had told CTV after the plane landed on monday evening (local time). This also helps the family of the victim. Lafreniere pointed out that the head of the body was still missing. "In the interest of the family we are doing everything to get him back."

When the plane landed at mirabel airport near montreal, it was met by a large police presence. In a convoy of several civilian police cars and patrol cars with blue lights, the suspected murderer was finally taken away.

The toronto star newspaper ran a headline on tuesday referring to magnotta’s expected court appearance: "finally he gets his audience". In the social media, the porn star had revealed himself as self-absorbed: "many people confirm that I look stunningly good," he says in a video, according to the paper. In another he talks about cosmetic surgery he underwent to look more like james dean.

The 29-year-old had posted an eleven-minute video online showing the murder of a chinese man. Magnotta allegedly killed and crushed his four-year-old friend with an ice pick. Some body parts he sent by mail, the torso he threw on the mull, some body parts he is also said to have eaten. After the crime became known, the porn actor fled to berlin via paris, where he was recognized in an internet cafe and arrested.

The canadian justice department said it was pleased with the international cooperation that had ensured "this man will be brought to justice quickly.". "Canadians should know that people who break the law will face the full force of the law," it hailed. Justice minister rob nicholson expressly thanked the german government "for its swift and decisive action.

The rapid delivery has surprised many commentators in canada. Most had suspected that the proceedings would drag on for months, if not years. The extradition of arms dealer karlheinz schreiber from canada to germany in 2009 was preceded by a five-year legal tug-of-war. However, magnotta had not objected to his extradition either.

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