Four to six years in the “new” town hall

Four to six years in the 'new' town hall

They are in the middle of the move and they are in a good mood. At least that was the impression on friday, when it went back and forth for the employees of the town hall. The old building on the market square has been cleared, the new one on wurzburger strabe with the address wiesengrund is now being occupied. The move should be completed by monday, and the new town hall will open on tuesday.

The city employees are actively supported by the moving company lauer from nurnberg, which has been busy for days now. On friday alone, 63 people were on the job, as judith jochmann from city marketing reported. Your department had spontaneously set up a food station at the new location so that the hard-working helpers could fortify themselves with coffee and cake.

Well on schedule

Two hours in advance, as mayor german hacker was informed on friday, had been achieved so far. The move is well on schedule. Dressed casually in a sweater and jeans, i.E. In a moving outfit, he spent the morning looking around the old town hall. Since the authority had already officially closed. A few (new) burgers, who still wanted to complete a course and had obviously not yet noticed the move, had to be delayed until the following week. Most of the time this was done in english language.

Many furniture were moved with. They have all been labelled so that the company knows where they have to be delivered to. But some things were bulky and heavy. And too massive to carry. A steel cabinet from the public order department for example. It was transported through the window by a conveyor belt. This was then also used for moving boxes.

Other inventory, such as built-in barrier, remain in the old town hall. According to hacker, these things are sold at an auction among the employees. The proceeds will go to a charitable cause.

A building pit at the end of the year

Expected in the budget session on 31. January the contract for the demolition of the town hall is to be awarded. Start could then be in march, said hacker. The plan is that by the end of the year the demolition will be done and instead of the building you will find a construction pit.

For the lease in the interim building, i.E. The newer wing of the former puma administration, "four plus one plus one" applies. So it lasts four years, with two options for a one-year extension each time.

According to the schedule, the move into the new building should be possible after four years, says mayor hacker. However, there are "many open flanks, as he put it. With a project of this magnitude, there can always be delays, except for any further archaeological discoveries around the castle.

Now hacker is looking forward to temporary accommodation at "puma". Even if compromises have to be made, a town hall can survive there for some time. He leaves the old building "without a bit of melancholy". It was time.

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