From kindergarten to shop window

From kindergarten to shop window

"What were the rainbows in spring, are now the lanterns", says city manager andrea kerby. Just in time for saint mary’s day, lanterns hang in the windows of 13 shops in coburg’s city center. On facebook was kerby on the germany-wide action "lantern windows" the baden-wurttemberger light tailor brenzinger attentive.

"We then wrote to the kindergarten and all the retailers in coburg", she tells. The coburg kindergarten marienschule, HUK wuselwald, tausendfubler as well as the cortendorf kindergarten prinzessin sybilla and the untersiemau kinderhaus regenbogen participated in the campaign. In the end, 52 lanterns came together, which now shine in the windows of the individual retailers. "Some kindergartens have come up with themes for the lanterns. Some have made animals or put stickers on the lanterns."

Lanterns as a symbol of hope

On the one hand, the lanterns are to stand as a symbol of hope in the corona era. On the other hand, the retail trade is to be strengthened. "When the parents look for the lanterns with their children in the city, they automatically take a look in the shop windows", kerby describes the background of the action. She hopes that one or the other christmas present will be bought in coburg’s city center.

Because the lantern parades have to be cancelled due to the corona pandemic, the main focus of the event is to make the children happy when they find their lanterns in the shop windows. "It was already clear at the beginning of october that the saint mary’s parade would not be able to take place in the usual form", regrets christina dietze, who has been in charge of the coburg kindergarten tausendfubler since september. Normally the procession takes the children from the kindergarten to the church every year. That’s why dietze and her team sat down together and looked for alternatives.

St. Martin’s breakfast in kindergarten

"The children made lanterns, some of which we donated to the ‘lantern window’ campaign, tells dietze. In the morning, the children will also go for a walk with the lanterns in their groups. "We will look for the darkest place in the house to let the lanterns shine there together", pays them.

So that saint martin’s day can also be celebrated in the evening when it is dark, every child also receives a saint martin to go bag to take home. "In the bag there is a baking mix for a martins goose, a devotion from our pastor and a coloring book", reports dietze. The kindergarten marienschule has also thought of an alternative to the traditional lantern procession for the children. "We had planned parades for the individual groups, which we then cancelled – we didn’t want to take any risks", says director mona schulze.

For the children there is a special program in the morning. "We eat breakfast together, reenact the legend of saint martin within the group and light the lanterns together", schulze reports. In addition, all parents were asked to light the lanterns together with their children at 5 p.M. And to walk a round in their own garden or on the street.

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