Gerd menche chairman of the animal welfare association for 25 years

Gerd menche chairman of the animal welfare association for 25 years

They quickly drew the chairman of the animal protection association into their midst. "You dear slider, all the dignitaries….", menche looked around the room. "That's why my wife told me to dress decently."

Heide menche had turned out to be a good complice for iris von crailsheim and the rest of the board of the animal protection association kitzingen city and county e.V. Proven: together they managed to make their "boss" feel at home, the otherwise "so wonderfully flowery speeches hold", briefly lost his tongue. Iris von crailsheim, menche's deputy, took the opportunity to recall the autumn of 1987: at that time, a friend had spontaneously dragged the pharmacist, who had only recently come to kitzingen, to the annual general meeting of the animal protection association – and menche had chosen the location as his second home. Chairman left. Only six months later, the then chairwoman resigned, and gerd menche was unanimously elected as his successor. Since then he has held the office of "chief advocate of the animals inne.

"Maybe it was a good thing that hesse, with his nerves of steel, couldn't know exactly what he was getting into at the time.", said iris von crailsheim. Many turbulent years followed – years in which the question was repeatedly raised: "will the animal shelter be able to be maintained??" A nerve-racking new building could be managed, but especially the withdrawal of the americans brought new financial worries to the animal shelter.

Diplomatic and peaceful
It was due in large part to the "diplomatic, open, knowledgeable, peaceful and yet assertive manner" of the animal shelter we have a lot to thank for the fact that the animal shelter is in such a good position today, von crailsheim said to the applause of everyone.

The 75-year-old pharmacist was particularly pleased with the "peaceful" attribute – and about the fact, that this basic mood is based on his team of many years have colored. "As long as my internal values allow it – cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure – I'll keep going."

The laughs were also on the side of deputy district administrator robert finster, who recalled numerous calls he had received during his time with the police: "when he said, 'watch out, mr. Finster, we'll have to do something,' it was clear that this was the case." Menche nodded: "then we drove together to the cows, which were up to their udders in muck."

Pin of honor on the occasion of the jubilee
Marion friedl, vice president of the bavarian animal welfare association, came all the way from hammelburg. They presented menche with the gold badge of honor.

The animal welfare activist was particularly pleased about the visit of his former colleagues on the board, elisabeth zoller and irene eirich. City councilwoman rosi richter and her husband wilhelm, veterinarian of the animal shelter, also wished all the best, as did robert endres from the state association for bird protection in kitzingen and of course oberburg mayor siegfried muller. The animal shelter team with director angela drabant also expressed their sincere thanks to the chairman of the sponsoring association.

What pleases the man who, in addition to four biological children and one adopted child, now also has nine grandchildren the most?? "That it has succeeded to get the animal shelter with sachverstand and geschaftssinn debt-free." For that – everyone agreed – menche had more than deserved the surprise champagne reception.

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