Limmersdorf: “ronny” steals the show from everyone

Limmersdorf: 'ronny' steals the show from everyone

And also the church st. John the baptist, which was consecrated in 1540, was not the focus of the photographers’ attention. Ram "ronny" stole the show.

Weeks of work for the performance

The "heml, as he is known in the limmersdorf vernacular, had spent weeks with the neupert family for his rough appearance. He has learned to let people pet him and not to be shy. "Ronny" got to know loud noises, and learned to let himself be led. "But still, it’s all exciting for him today. Because up to now he knew only smaller groups of people", explains karsten neupert, who, to be on the safe side, is in front of "ronny" here ran. As a motivator.

Toni neupert and leonhard mejzini led the ram by the harness – a special honor. Nevertheless the buck had its own will. Sometimes he "wrapped his leaders around" and literally ate up the colorful wreath of flowers that was supposed to adorn it. Only by tying up the wreath did the owners manage to save the floral decoration at least until the procession was over.

Ronny" also found it great that the whole way through the town was decorated with fresh birch grass. Because he could always taste a little of it. In general, green seems to be the favorite color of the hammer. Finally, its owner had a small green turkey with a piece of bread with him. "He loves bread, revealed motivator karsten neupert.

At the parade the four "plootzer" went with their girls through the village and spread everywhere kerwastimmung. The "ansbachtaler musikanten" also made sure of that. And after an hour-long march and extensive celebrations, the couples finally returned to the festival site and danced on the lime tree according to old custom. By the way, the limmersdorfer kirchweih is included in the unesco’s nationwide list of intangible world heritage sites. Only recently, the festival has also received the home award.

The celebrations in this part of thurnau will continue until tuesday and, of course, there will be bowling on the sandy lane again. On today’s monday the kerwa starts at 10 a.M. With an early pint with blau’gsud’na and suitable music by "manni and his rebels" further. At 14 o’clock starts a procession, also by "manni and his rebels" accompanied. From 7 p.M. The cult band "telstars" rocks the marquee, and at 10 p.M. Will be "ronny, the sympathetic plootzheml, raffled off.

Ending with lizza funeral

On tuesday evening, the kerwasprenger will be auctioned off, and since the party has to end sometime, there will be a lizza funeral at 10 p.M. With a closing sermon by kerwapfarrer stefan funke. He will certainly have a lot of "insider knowledge" after the lindenkerwa 2018 customers. Because during the great days there is a lot going on in limmersdorf.

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