Lunch in the old gym

Lunch in the old gym

Gestungshausen – with the new school year, the school childcare program of the "for you" association has also started the new premises of the gestungshausen school building are now in operation. After the renovation and conversion work, which totaled around 18,000 euros, the new home, which is located in the former gymnasium of the gestungshaus school, was officially opened.

Increased demand
More and more parents are taking advantage of the school's after-school care program. As a result, the space in the former janitor's apartment of the sonnefeld schoolhouse was no longer sufficient for school childcare, because the number of schoolchildren has grown from around ten to more than 30.
"We looked everywhere in advance for suitable rooms, since the sonnefeld school building did not have any had more capacity", explains youth welfare officer bjorn de rooij, who is also the contact person for "social affairs" is.

More space
"While the school childcare center had 70 square meters at its disposal in sonnefeld, it now has 200 square meters in the gestungshaus school building. In addition, the playground offers enough space for romping and playing outdoors.
In sonnefeld, the elementary school children had to share the playground with the other schoolchildren. Since these are laid out on three floors in sonnefeld, this did not exactly make supervision easier. The workroom, which is used for teaching purposes, is also available for school supervision in the afternoons. "A conscious decision was made to leave equipment in the gymnasium", explains mayor michael keilich. For example, the wall bars serve as a bulletin board and room divider for the cake line, because the elementary school students can also eat lunch there. Mats and a jumping jack also remained in the room. The mayor paid tribute to the building yard. Since the old lighting was too dark, the former gymnasium was given new lighting. With the friendly colors and the lattice-free windows, the room looks inviting and has a feel-good character. For the autumn vacations, the head of the community announced further modernization work in the gestungshausen school building.
For-you managing director joachim muller pointed out that, despite the vacation program, the childcare team helped out a lot with the setup. School childcare is offered from monday to friday. In addition, the association covers nine of the 14 vacation weeks with programs.
Head of supervision renate raab thanked her three colleagues who put a lot of heart and commitment into their work. She emphasized that the rooms of the school's childcare center can also be used for everyday teaching. Principal michael lege sees the new premises as a good basis for working with the schoolchildren.

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