Man city’s european cup ban and the consequences: klopp has sympathy

Man city's european cup ban and the consequences: klopp has sympathy

Jurgen klopp was also "shocked". When the liverpool FC coach heard about the drastic penalty against his rivals, he felt for pep guardiola and his players.

"They certainly didn’t do anything wrong," said klopp. This does not apply to the management of manchester city – because of years of financial fraud, the english champions will not be allowed to compete in the european cup for two seasons. Now several court cases loom, the star players of the citizens will look around. Among them also ilkay gundogan and leroy sane.

The two german national players must have little desire for two seasons without the champions league, sane has been linked to FC bayern for months anyway. If the UEFA ruling published on friday also stood before the international sports court cas, nothing could stand in the way of the transfer of the 24-year-old, who is contractually bound to manchester until 2021, in the summer. It is expected that the citizens will also officially call the cas soon. According to the english media, the deadline is ten days.

Even star coach guardiola can hardly be kept without a congress class. The spaniard is already being linked with juventus turin. High-performing players such as kevin de bruyne or raheem sterling play not only because of the high salary in manchester, but also because of the prospect of triumph in the royal league, which city has been chasing in vain since the arrival of sheikh mansour, the ultra-rich owner from abu dhabi. The english tabloid "the sun" already wrote sterling towards real madrid – the city opponent in the eighth finals of the current champions league season, which is unaffected by the verdict.

The penalty is based on findings from 2012 to 2016. The citizens are said to have valued sponsor income far above the going rate and thus deliberately traded it away. To a large extent, the money seems to have come directly from the sheikh, not from the sponsors who have been brought forward. UEFA’s financial fair play rules state that clubs competing in the european cup cannot spend significantly more than their income. And man city still faces further penalties.

The premier league will also intensify its investigations. Although the licensing system differs from that of UEFA, according to the english media the rules could be close enough to prove violations in the domestic league as well. The internet newspaper "the independent" even reports possible point deductions. The financial losses for two years without konigsklasse could amount to about 200 million euro.

Manchester city will not be defeated without a fight. A cas hearing could even be just the beginning. The club had already condemned the UEFA proceedings in no uncertain terms on friday and could be prepared to take legal action against UEFA and its principles before the ordinary courts in switzerland if the case fails before the court of arbitration for sport. The chances of success are hard to estimate. The former italian champions AC milan last failed with an appeal to the CAS, but last year it was only about the european league. Perfectly comparable traps are rare.

Wolfsburg’s manager jorg schmadtke has a premonition, however. "Let’s wait and see if that’s how it ends up," said the vfl manager on saturday, when praise for UEFA came from the bundesliga. "I think it’s great when even with such rough teams the rule is respected. This is a drastic penalty, it will become a precedent," said gladbach sports director max eberl to tv station sky.

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