Neuses celebrates its 85th birthday. Kirchweih

Neuses celebrates its 85th birthday. Kirchweih

The 17. September 1933 was a memorable day for neuses, as archbishop jacobus von hauck consecrated the church, which had finally been completed after many moans and sacrifices, to the plague saint st. Sebastian was consecrated. Now the "new" ones are celebrating this year for the 85th time. Paint your "kerwa.

The local chronicle shows that the desire for a church in neuses was already very old. No sacrifice was too great for the burghers to make this dream come true. Already at the turn of the century, the small church of kleinziegenfeld was to be rebuilt under the mayor georg hummel. The plans for this are still available today. Only for lack of money was given up. In the 1920s, under mayor lorenz richter, the "prayer room" was built as a makeshift inaugurated.

Construction financed with donations

At that time, the owners of the neuseser car plant had stones from the community quarries to the "plan" driven. Here used to be a small elevation, just right for a house of worship. But during the construction of the flood dam at the turn of the century, this height was removed, which is why the church today stands lower than the passing street. Now also money donations were collected, about 2000 marks from the political community. The catholic youth club also played with the theater piece "the angel of peace 2000 marks a. 14000 marks were collected in a fundraising campaign throughout bavaria. Together with the generous donations from the citizens of neuses, this formed the basis for the construction of the church. Since all the owners of the carriages were still fetching bricks free of charge from the hummendorf brickworks, as in the old days when they had to serve in lieu of work, it was possible almost exactly 84 years ago, on the 18th of december, to build a new brickworks in the town of hummendorf. September 1932, the foundation stone is laid.

The construction of the church had been estimated at 56,000 marks, but in the end only 35,000 marks were needed. However, the costs for the interior furnishings were still to be paid. The choir room was furnished with the twelve apostles and a statue of the christ the king, which together cost 9000 marks. Furthermore, a mary altar was made in munich, which cost 2300 marks and was later replaced by a modern rosary madonna. In addition, there were further set-up costs.

Many helped, the young people apparently too little, which is indicated by the following traditional saying: "he mennela rubs the kering egg, da wilhelm da get nimme nei, ka jungesla packt an backsta oh, da herrgot, da soll uns verschohn!" Nevertheless the church could be solemnly consecrated after one year. Today the church shows up in a festive jubilee dress. Thus, in the jubilee year, the house of god represents a real ornament.


The solemn thanksgiving service for the 85th. Jubilee celebrates pastor kray. It will take place on sunday 2. September 2018 at 10 a.M. From pastor kray a church parade of all associations at 9.45 o’clock led from the parsonage to the church. After the service, the celebration continues at the fire station with a "weibwurst-fruhschoppen", where the floberkapelle plays.

Afterwards, a varied program awaits kerwa visitors. On tuesday at 5 p.M. There will be a "schlachtschussel" in the sportheim, and from wednesday on there will be a "zum tumpfelwirt" in the guesthouse pizza as well as turkish and arabic dishes are offered every day. On thursday there is horseradish and schaufela in the straben sale.

For the little ones, there is once again a car park at floberplatz with fairground rides and sliding stalls, which will be open every day from 4 p.M. On friday. On saturday the festivities at floberplatz start at 4 pm, at 6 pm the "trio friends" invites you to a concert the winners of the neuses clubs’ comparative slide show are honored afterwards.

On sunday from 16.30 o’clock the music club hesselbach at the floberplatz on, and from 17 o’clock the children can take part in a flobrallye. SV neuses again offers a wide range of activities for soccer fans. So the second team measures its strength on sunday at 13 o’clock with the DJK lichtenfels, and at 15 o’clock begins the neighbor derby of the first team with the neighbor club from gehulz.

On monday, there will be coffee and cake at the sports center from 10 a.M. And at 5 p.M. There will be a coffee and cake at the sports center.45 o’clock the annual stick push for the clubs is held. For the kirchweihaus sound, there will be a cock-beating ceremony with the floberkapelle neuses on tuesday at 6 p.M. In front of the fire station, which this year will be organized by the soccer department of the SV neuses.

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