Nice attack: arrests and demand for eu response

Nice attack: arrests and demand for eu response

Investigations are in full swing after the knife attack in nice that left three dead. Several people have been taken into police custody since the bloody attack at the church of notre-dame, which was classified as an islamist terrorist attack.

The youngest arrested is said to be a 29-year-old tunisian, according to the french news agency AFP. He is said to have been confronted on saturday in the southern french town of grasse, some 25 kilometers from nice, according to judicial circles.

On friday, two men, aged 35 and 33, were arrested. The older one is said to have had direct contact with the perpetrator the day before the attack on thursday morning. The other suspect was staying at the 35-year-old’s house during the arrest, the agency reported saturday, citing judicial sources. A 47-year-old man had already been arrested on thursday.

In the attack, the custer and two women were killed by an attacker from tunisia. The 21-year-old entered the EU illegally in september with other migrants via the italian island of lampedusa. He is said to have appeared shortly before the attack in nice. After the attack, he was seriously injured by police and is now in hospital.

Investigations also underway in tunisia. Security forces arrested on saturday a man who had claimed responsibility for the knife attack in nice on behalf of an as yet unknown group. There was probably a second person who helped him record the alleged confession video, said a justice spokesman.

The video had surfaced on social media after the attack. In it, a man claimed the act for a group called "ansar al-mahdi in tunisia and the mahgreb". The judicial authorities, however, expressed doubts that such a group existed at all. So far, she has not yet made an appearance.

For france, it is the third attack with a suspected islamist background in just two months. At the end of september, two people were injured in a knife attack not far from the paris offices of the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo. In mid october, teacher samuel paty was beheaded by an 18-year-old assailant.

According to investigators, paty died because he showed caricatures of the prophet mohammed during a lesson on freedom of speech. France has declared the highest terror alert level after the attack in nice. The protection of schools or houses of worship has been strengthened.

After the attacks, berlin and paris now want to discuss terrorist attacks at the meeting of EU interior ministers on 13 december. November putting the fight against terror on the agenda. This is what was agreed by federal interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) and his french counterpart gerald darmanin. In addition to reforming european asylum and migration policy, there should also be discussions on how to make better use of the instruments available to prevent terrorist atrocities in the future.

Seehofer and darmanin spoke of "homegrown terrorist attacks" and a "broad terrorist threat on european soil" in the joint declaration released friday. They cautioned that people classified by member states as terrorist or violent extremist threats had to be "monitored with immense vigilance".

The ministers of the interior demand a reliable and fast exchange of information when these persons travel to other member states or establish connections to other individuals or networks. "For this we need a strict registration procedure at the border and an efficient common information system."

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