Old mitburgers informed themselves during a round trip through eltmann

old mitburgers informed themselves during a round trip through eltmann

"We attach great importance to creating a pleasant living environment for all generations. This begins with the most modern kindergarten and daycare centers, continues with our school center, and ends with the senior citizens’ home. Young feels who takes part in the things of life, and today you shall learn a lot about eltmann and its districts." This was emphasized by first mayor michael ziegler (CSU) when he invited over 60 participants to a "senior citizens’ day" and a tour of eltmann and its neighborhoods welcomed on the market square.

Ziegler expressed his pleasure that so many women and men showed their interest in what was happening in their home town. Young people are those who enjoy life, look forward to certain events with anticipation and still have both feet on the ground. It is also said that everyone is as old or as young as he feels.

In the industrial area it was learned that eltmann currently offers 2100 jobs. The largest employers are schaeffler, with 550 employees, and the palm paper mill, with 230 employees.

Then we went on to the district of limbach with 780 inhabitants, where we visited the pilgrimage church of maria limbach and celebrated a small devotion with pastor otmar pottler. From there, the tour continued to the new kindergarten, where director ellen steinhauser presented the premises. The round trip continued to eschenbach (234 inhabitants) with the brewery and via dippach (341 inhabitants) with the construction of new footpaths to robstadt (310 inhabitants), where a new community center with fire station is planned.

In the inn schramm one took there the lunch. The tour then continued via lembach (population 201) with a view of the recently inaugurated playground and to weisbrunn (population 402). Also through the building area "am hahn" in eltmann the ride started. Here, first mayor ziegler emphasized that in terms of new construction areas, one was slowly reaching the limits of one’s possibilities. However, there are still some development possibilities and quite concretely one is here before the conversion of the building area in the direction of "wallburg". However, he added, all the urban building sites here have already been allocated or reserved.

During the trip past the open-air swimming pool, the head of the city pointed out that it, too, was due for refurbishment. The possibilities or variations ranged from the sole renovation of the existing building to an indoor or combined swimming pool. The outdoor swimming pool and around 90 households are currently supplied with warmth from the woodchip heating plant.

A district heating network is planned for the municipal buildings on the market square, and several combined heat and power plants are already in operation.

At the schulberg, mayor ziegler emphasized that a lot of money had been invested in the maintenance and expansion of the schools in recent years, including in technology and security. The seniors then took a tour of the "wallburg-realschule" eltmann, where teacher gunter kerschensteiner led a tour of the physics or digitalization/computer classrooms. The new construction of the refectory alone had cost around three million euros. Here the "eltmanner "weiberfaschings-crew" hosted the seniors then with coffee and cake.

Ziegler spoke of a positive development of eltmann and the building activity by young families had also caused an increase in births, so that the number of births had risen from 54 in 2017 to 68 in 2018. However, this also meant that a new kindergarten had to be built in the town of eltmann. Eltmann currently has a total of 5,578 inhabitants.

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