One dead after quarrel in overcrowded refugee camp

One dead after quarrel in overcrowded refugee camp

In the overcrowded migrant camp of moria on the greek island of lesbos, a young woman from afghanistan was killed by another afghan woman.

The police confirmed the incident, which occurred on friday evening, to the state radio (ERT-agais). The suspected perpetrator initially fled to the surrounding hills, but was arrested saturday night, state radio reported saturday.

According to information from police circles, there had previously been a quarrel between the children of the two women, who lived in neighboring tents. Meanwhile, the authorities have taken the two families to other places, reported the local news portal "politikalesvos".

The infamous camp of moria is overcrowded, and disputes between people living in cramped quarters, sometimes in huts and under plastic sheets, are commonplace. In and around the camp, which has a capacity to receive 2757 people, a good 17 people are waiting, according to the latest figures.000 people from. Aid organizations and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) have been calling for years for the camp to be dismantled and the people to be moved to better accommodation.

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