Coburg state theater in corona times: first hygiene, then art

coburg state theater in corona times: first hygiene, then art

Signs and prohibition signs everywhere await the visitors. "No entrance there is a double lane directly in front of the box office of the landestheater. Upstairs in the first tier, the no-entry signs focus on the opposite direction. "No exit" a note on a door in the auditorium as well as on the door that actually leads to the small staircase explains the story.

Signs and prohibition signs have made the landestheater coburg a real obstacle course for visitors since the re-start after the complete corona shutdown. This is not, of course, the result of harassment, but rather of the need to strictly implement the hygiene concept. Signs, boards and various barriers are used to guide the streams of visitors along cleverly devised routes and at the prescribed distance to the still strictly limited seating areas.

Strict conditions

After the reopening in mid-june, the show has been running smoothly since the start of the season at the beginning of september – albeit always under strict hygiene regulations and corresponding requirements in front of and behind the scenes. The exceptional situation has long since become a kind of new normality. But an evening at the theater is far from being normal again, and not just for the audience. Behind the scenes, too, normality in the state of exception is a permanent tour de force – a tour de force still under the auspices of short-time work for many employees, especially in the artistic field. Soloists in the theater and musical theater, chorus and orchestra are still partly in short-time work, explains fritz fromming as commercial director.


The ratsel of the exploding eggs

The ratsel of the exploding eggs

After an unusual accident in a restaurant, acoustics experts in the U.S. Have taken a close look at exploding eggs.

Result: it is rather unlikely that an egg bursting in the mouth will cause horn damage, as experts from a consulting firm tried to explain on wednesday at a meeting of the american acoustics society in new orleans.

The somewhat strange investigation became necessary after an egg exploded in the mouth of a restaurant customer. The hard-boiled egg had previously been reheated in a microwave oven. The guest stated in a lawsuit that the explosion had caused not only burns in the mouth, but also damage to the horns.


Lunch in the old gym

Lunch in the old gym

Gestungshausen – with the new school year, the school childcare program of the "for you" association has also started the new premises of the gestungshausen school building are now in operation. After the renovation and conversion work, which totaled around 18,000 euros, the new home, which is located in the former gymnasium of the gestungshaus school, was officially opened.

Increased demand
More and more parents are taking advantage of the school's after-school care program. As a result, the space in the former janitor's apartment of the sonnefeld schoolhouse was no longer sufficient for school childcare, because the number of schoolchildren has grown from around ten to more than 30.
"We looked everywhere in advance for suitable rooms, since the sonnefeld school building did not have any had more capacity", explains youth welfare officer bjorn de rooij, who is also the contact person for "social affairs" is.

More space
"While the school childcare center had 70 square meters at its disposal in sonnefeld, it now has 200 square meters in the gestungshaus school building. In addition, the playground offers enough space for romping and playing outdoors.
In sonnefeld, the elementary school children had to share the playground with the other schoolchildren. Since these are laid out on three floors in sonnefeld, this did not exactly make supervision easier. The workroom, which is used for teaching purposes, is also available for school supervision in the afternoons. "A conscious decision was made to leave equipment in the gymnasium", explains mayor michael keilich. For example, the wall bars serve as a bulletin board and room divider for the cake line, because the elementary school students can also eat lunch there. Mats and a jumping jack also remained in the room. The mayor paid tribute to the building yard. Since the old lighting was too dark, the former gymnasium was given new lighting. With the friendly colors and the lattice-free windows, the room looks inviting and has a feel-good character. For the autumn vacations, the head of the community announced further modernization work in the gestungshausen school building.
For-you managing director joachim muller pointed out that, despite the vacation program, the childcare team helped out a lot with the setup. School childcare is offered from monday to friday. In addition, the association covers nine of the 14 vacation weeks with programs.
Head of supervision renate raab thanked her three colleagues who put a lot of heart and commitment into their work. She emphasized that the rooms of the school's childcare center can also be used for everyday teaching. Principal michael lege sees the new premises as a good basis for working with the schoolchildren.


Companies and facts: ssh schwarzach has moved

companies and facts: ssh schwarzach has moved

Steady growth and increasing demands paved the way for SSH’s move to a new building, says a company press release. There is additional space for the necessary expansion of the teams as well as energy-efficient building technology.

The SSH, which has existed since 1992, is already greening for the third time, according to the announcement. The growth of the schwarzach software house necessitated another move to more spacious premises. From a one-man company to a 30-man team with more than 120 customers in germany and european countries, the company has evolved over the past years.

By specializing in ERP software for the packaging industry in 1999, the company established itself in the industry. Under the motto "flexible. Dedicated. Competent." SSH supports its customers in the use of its self-developed ERP solution, which supports the digitalization and automation of business processes in the packaging industry.


First hearing for “canadian psycho” via video

First hearing for 'canadian psycho' via video

Accompanied by six canadian police officers, the 29-year-old, who allegedly killed a friend on camera and dismembered the body, had arrived in montreal in a canadian air force airbus. There he should still speak on tuesday via video conference with a judge.

CTV television reported that the judiciary had decided at short notice not to summon magnotta in person. Instead, he is being videoed from a detention center to a judge. At the same time the date was postponed to tuesday afternoon (local time). The reasons for the changes to the original plan were not disclosed at first.

"We are very happy and relieved that the suspected killer is in montreal and will have to face justice," police chief ian lafreniere had told CTV after the plane landed on monday evening (local time). This also helps the family of the victim. Lafreniere pointed out that the head of the body was still missing. "In the interest of the family we are doing everything to get him back."


Woman hit by subway in nurnberg: she was only found two hours later

woman hit by subway in nurnberg: she was only found two hours later

At 10:50 p.M., the subway driver (54) notified the control center of the traffic company nurnberg. When the train was entering the messezentrum subway station, he had noticed a person in the track area and heard a dull thud, which is why a braking maneuver was immediately initiated. According to current information, passengers were not injured in the incident.

Witnesses wanted: two men threaten woman in furth and demand money

Despite an intensive search by the fire department and police, no person could be found under the subway or the train. The following were found in the track area. Witnesses revealed that when the subway arrived, a woman who had apparently been relieving herself left the track bed and got on an opposite subway and drove away.


Four to six years in the “new” town hall

Four to six years in the 'new' town hall

They are in the middle of the move and they are in a good mood. At least that was the impression on friday, when it went back and forth for the employees of the town hall. The old building on the market square has been cleared, the new one on wurzburger strabe with the address wiesengrund is now being occupied. The move should be completed by monday, and the new town hall will open on tuesday.

The city employees are actively supported by the moving company lauer from nurnberg, which has been busy for days now. On friday alone, 63 people were on the job, as judith jochmann from city marketing reported. Your department had spontaneously set up a food station at the new location so that the hard-working helpers could fortify themselves with coffee and cake.

Well on schedule

Two hours in advance, as mayor german hacker was informed on friday, had been achieved so far. The move is well on schedule. Dressed casually in a sweater and jeans, i.E. In a moving outfit, he spent the morning looking around the old town hall. Since the authority had already officially closed. A few (new) burgers, who still wanted to complete a course and had obviously not yet noticed the move, had to be delayed until the following week. Most of the time this was done in english language.


Koln: highly toxic ricin found in high-rise building – bka says attack planned with bio-bomb

According to the federal criminal police office, the highly toxic ricin seized in a high-rise building in colonia was intended for an attack of new dimensions with a biological explosive device. "Here there were already quite concrete preparations for such an act, with, if you will, a bio-bomb. And this is already a unique case in germany" BKA president holger munch told RBB-inforadio on wednesday. According to new findings by investigators, the suspected 29-year-old tunisian was also in contact with "persons from the radical islamist spectrum".

According to the federal prosecutor's office in karlsruhe, an investigation is currently underway to determine whether these contacts were members of a terrorist organization. To the 29-year-old sief allah H. Even the authorities reported: "there are no sufficient indications so far that the accused was a member of a terrorist organization." The tunisian was arrested after the poison was found just over a week ago.

Suspect apparently wanted to join IS

According to the federal prosecutor's office, he tried twice in 2017 to leave for syria via turkey – presumably to join the terrorist militia islamic state (IS) – but without success. The authorities suspect the man of having manufactured biological weapons – the biotoxin ricin – and thus violating the war weapons control act. In addition, it sees an "initial suspicion for the preparation of a serious act of violence endangering the state"." The investigation suggested "that the suspect had considered making an explosive device", the federal prosecutor's office declared.


Night shift in the fight against the snow

Night shift in the fight against the snow

The weather forecasts sounded alarming: snowfall with minus temperatures was forecast. The two tramway maintenance workers on duty at the geiselwind freeway maintenance center prepare for a busy evening. Route control is now the order of the day. A man drives off in a minibus and checks the road conditions, especially on the slopes.

In the meantime, the colleague monitors the road condition and weather reports in the office, as well as the ice detection systems, which provide information about the road temperatures. Everything points to the first winter service assignment this season. The men decide in the late afternoon: they move out with the space vehicles ready for takeoff. One vehicle drives in the direction of the steigerwald, the other as far as the biebelrieder intersection. A sophisticated system ensures that the entire service area is strewn within one to two hours.

Highway patrol reports first accidents

But the snowfall is getting heavier. The freeway police report the first obstructions and accidents. The one spacecraft enters a traffic jam shortly before the final field. An accident – at a walking pace. The truck drives in the middle of the road and spreads "wide". Thus, no one can overtake and both lanes are salted. But the snowfall becomes heavier, the roadways are now covered with snow.


Limmersdorf: “ronny” steals the show from everyone

Limmersdorf: 'ronny' steals the show from everyone

And also the church st. John the baptist, which was consecrated in 1540, was not the focus of the photographers’ attention. Ram "ronny" stole the show.

Weeks of work for the performance

The "heml, as he is known in the limmersdorf vernacular, had spent weeks with the neupert family for his rough appearance. He has learned to let people pet him and not to be shy. "Ronny" got to know loud noises, and learned to let himself be led. "But still, it’s all exciting for him today. Because up to now he knew only smaller groups of people", explains karsten neupert, who, to be on the safe side, is in front of "ronny" here ran. As a motivator.

Toni neupert and leonhard mejzini led the ram by the harness – a special honor. Nevertheless the buck had its own will. Sometimes he "wrapped his leaders around" and literally ate up the colorful wreath of flowers that was supposed to adorn it. Only by tying up the wreath did the owners manage to save the floral decoration at least until the procession was over.