Prefer video to own child

Prefer video to own child

For beating, choking and threatening his 21-year-old companion several times this spring and throwing a plastic bottle at her when she was holding their son in her arms, a 25-year-old worker from the main valley had to sit in the dock of the habfurt district court on wednesday. His life threatener had denounced him after the assaults.

The court was told that the dispute had repeatedly arisen because her boyfriend preferred to play video games instead of looking after his son. There had been daily disputes. Her boyfriend hit her on the back of the head and threatened to strangle her, she said on the witness stand, according to the investigating police officer.

The police then obtained a contact ban. A police officer explained that she had known the couple since 2015. The 21-year-old victim later withdrew her complaint. In the meantime, the dust had settled.

Defense attorney alexander wessel pointed out that the couple had become engaged. He therefore pleaded for a ban on the use of the witness statements in order to protect the peace of the family, which is anchored in the code of criminal procedure.

The prosecutor initially suspected a "tactical engagement" of the accused in order to escape punishment, but was then persuaded by judge ilona conver that the child they had together and the apartment they had lived in together for a long time suggested that the engagement was genuine. The presiding judge accepted the request of the defense counsel and, with the agreement of all parties, discontinued the proceedings for lack of evidence. As a condition, the defendant must continue the couple therapy he has started.

The public prosecutor’s office has initiated proceedings against the 21-year-old fiancee of the accused for making false statements, as she had initially accused her current fiance, but then retracted her statement. Judge ilona conver nevertheless verbally condemned the defendant’s behavior. If the full water bottle had hit the toddler’s head, he could have suffered serious injuries, she said. "A child’s head can’t stand everything and a child can’t defend itself", she told the young father who got off lightly in court once again.

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