Preservation sentence for “sexy coras” doctor

Preservation sentence for 'sexy coras' doctor

Judges find 56-year-old guilty of involuntary manslaughter. 23-year-old carolin wosnitza suffered a cardiac arrest during a palliative operation two years ago. After several days in a coma, the woman who also became known as a "big brother" contestant died of cerebral palsy. "It is already a nightmare scenario that has taken place here," said the presiding judge ulrich weibmann on tuesday.

The physician had taken the blame and responsibility for the fatal intervention on herself before the court. The chamber assessed the doctor’s mistake as an "exceptional failure": "it was a one-off, albeit terrible, mistake that you made here."The 56-year-old did not pay attention to the correct ventilation of the patient during the palliative operation – and did not notice the long-lasting mal-ventilation, the judge emphasized. The court did not issue a ban on the profession: "we consider a ban on the profession to be completely excessive and disproportionate."

The judge leveled serious accusations against the hospital. Probably in order to maximize profits, savings were made on equipment and staff, said weibmann. Whether the tragedy of these proceedings will lead to a structural change in such clinics, he doubted: "it is rather to be feared that it will simply be continued in this way." Moral accusations against the 23 year old carolin wosnitza alias "sexy cora" are, however, completely out of place, the judge emphasized. The young woman was about to have her breast removed for the fifth time during the operation.

The widower, tim wosnitza, is not satisfied with the verdict. Together with his lawyer, he wanted to see if he could enforce a ban on the doctor in another way, he said on tuesday. "I’m glad the court found a lack of ventilation as the cause of death," wosnitza said. He would not answer questions about a possible claim for damages.

The verdict is already legally binding. Both the defendant and the prosecution declared in the courtroom that they would waive their right to appeal.

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