Report: doubts about an imminent breakthrough in the brexit dispute

Report: doubts about an imminent breakthrough in the brexit dispute

Hopes for an early breakthrough in the brexit dispute could be dim, according to a media report. As the british "telegraph" reported, the renegotiations in brussel did not produce a result that could satisfy the demands of the hardliners.

To negotiate concessions from the eu, brexit minister stephen barclay and attorney general geoffrey cox travel to brussel again this tuesday for talks with eu chief negotiator michel barnier. No press meetings are planned after the meeting, however, said EU commission spokesman margaritis schinas.

Cox, whose assessment of the results of the negotiations is considered crucial for a breakthrough, was delighted with the coverage in the telegraph. Most of it does not correspond to the truth, he wrote in the short message service twitter. However, he did not give concrete details. "Complex and detailed negotiations cannot be conducted in public," said cox.

Last week, leading brexit supporters had raised hopes of a breakthrough by striking a conciliatory tone. Thus the influential tory member of parliament jacob rees-mogg had indicated that he could be satisfied with a supplementary document to the brexit agreement. Until now, opponents of the deal negotiated by prime minister theresa may with brussel had insisted on a change to the text of the agreement itself.

However, there is no sign of any substantive change. Brexit hardliners call for a time limit or unilateral right of termination for the agreement’s guarantee of an open border between the UK’s northern ireland and EU member ireland. The arrangement, known as a backstop, provides for great britain to remain part of a customs union with the EU as a whole until the problem is solved otherwise. Critics fear that the country could thus remain permanently tied to the EU.

Brussel is ready to give assurances that the backstop is not meant to be permanent. However, the EU categorically rejects an expiration date or a unilateral right of termination. The british government’s efforts are now focused on arbitration if london and brussels disagree on when the backstop should end, the telegraph reported. But it is doubtful whether this will overcome the resistance in parliament.

Prime minister may wants to introduce a new version of windows 7 on 12 december at the latest. Marz to hold another vote on brexit deal. In a first attempt it had failed. On 29. March great britain is to leave the EU.

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