Samsung introduces iphone jager

Samsung introduces iphone jager

The phone supports at least in some countries the fast LTE data radio, as samsung announced on thursday evening. The main camera has a resolution of eight megapixels. On board is also a NFC radio chip, with which mobile payment services can be implemented.

As a competitor for apple’s "personal assistant" siri, with which users of the latest model iphone 4S can converse, samsung also promises an intelligent voice control called S voice with the galaxy S3. For example, you could use it to ask the alarm clock in the morning for a delay with just one word, but also, in contrast to the current siri version, to start programs or the loud other. In addition, the phone recognizes the face of its owner. With the "allshare cast" function, you can bring content from the phone directly to tv sets. The battery can also be charged wirelessly.

The third generation of the galaxy S runs the latest version of the google operating system android. The phone is due to be launched in europe at the end of may and has also been declared the official cell phone of the summer olympics in london.

Samsung and apple are locked in a bitter patent war. Apple had triggered the worldwide dispute because it felt that the technology and design of its iphones had been copied by samsung. The presentation of the galaxy S3 was not allowed to ease the dispute. Apple fans on twitter, for example, were immediately reminded of siri by the voice control and of the apple airplay function by "allshare cast.

At the same time, the galaxy S3 has features that no other device has yet. This is how the camera on the side of the screen detects when a user’s eyes are on the phone. When it’s the owner, the phone automatically wakes up from sleep mode. When the camera detects that the screen is no longer being viewed, it goes off. A picture-in-picture function – similar to TV sets – should make it easier to switch from the video player to other programs, for example. A quad-core processor under the hood.

The screen of the galaxy S3 is extraordinarily large at 4.8 inches. Other android models, for example, come in at 4.3 or 4.5 inches. Apple has been content with 3.5 inches for the iphones since the first generation. Supporters of this large screen argue that it will make the phone easier to use with one hand.

According to market researchers, samsung has once again taken the lead in the smartphone market ahead of apple with its iphone in the past quarter. According to IDC figures, samsung has sold 42 million computer phones and has a market share of almost 30 percent.

The south korean company itself does not disclose sales figures, the calculations of market researchers are the only orientation. Apple sold 35.1 million iphones in the first quarter of the year. The two companies together fill a good half of the smartphone market, leaving less and less space for rivals. As far as profits are concerned, apple is the lonely leader in the industry anyway, because the iphones are more expensive and samsung has numerous cheaper smartphones on offer.

While the galaxy S models are always measured against the latest iphone, their impact within the android camp is usually even greater. Samsung’s market share has recently grown at the expense of other android manufacturers such as HTC, motorola and sony, each of which has its own top models in its range.

In the patent dispute with apple, a rough trial is to begin in july in california with mutual accusations. Before that, the court ordered a final attempt at mediation, which was scheduled for 21 may. And 22. May is planned. In germany, too, apple and samsung are fighting each other in several lawsuits.

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