Soon bread will be baked again

While the building applications submitted to the meeting of the hallerndorf town council were approved unanimously and without discussion by the council members, a lengthy discussion ensued regarding the renovation of the second oven in pautzfeld.

For the baking oven located high above the kammerer inn, the community of participants has developed a utilization concept and the office for rural development (ALE) is prepared to demand a total of 65 percent (60 percent village renewal and 5 percent ILE bonus) for the purchase. The basis for this is that the renovation was already included in the overall concept that was originally approved. Mayor gerhard bauer estimated the necessary costs at around 25000 euro. In consultation with architect jurgen schonfelder, he based his estimate on the costs incurred for the renovation of the first oven.

So far, no money has been budgeted for this item, bauer explained, but it is possible to use money from other projects for it. For example, there is money in the budget for the bike paths that could be used for the oven instead.

Land necessary

Not all council members found this decrease sensible, especially in view of the municipality’s precarious financial situation: "we can’t borrow money we don’t have", argued werner fischer (WG hallerndorf), while angelika pfister (CSU) wanted to know why the cycle paths were not built instead. "These also have a high priority", assured the mayor. Alone, land was still missing so that the plans could finally be implemented.

Katharina rebl (fdg), on the other hand, pleaded for the use of the demand funds made available by the ALE: "this would also fit in well with the local image!" Stephan beck (WG willersdorf-haid) wanted to know whether a cosmetic action would not be sufficient. "The office for rural development will not play along with a cosmetic action", replied bauer. Without use and a use concept, there is no demand. In addition, the ALE would like to finally finalize the mabnahme as such and wants the application within a quarter of a year, the mayor points out that there is not much time for a decision in this regard for hallerndorf.

The hitherto active users of the pautzfeld oven contributed to the renovation with their own efforts, thomas bauer (WG pautzfeld) pointed out that this had been part of the planning from the very beginning. He pleaded for the village renewal of pautzfeld to be stopped immediately, as it had been decided twelve years ago, especially since the municipality only had to bear 35 percent of the estimated 25,000 euros. With five votes against and ten in favor, they decided to refurbish the oven.

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