Subsidy for firefighters’ licenses

subsidy for firefighters' licenses

The market town council agreed at its meeting on tuesday evening that the voluntary fire department should be rewarded for its work. It decided unanimously to give a subsidy for the truck driver’s license, which is necessary for driving a lorry. At the suggestion of rudi federsel, the municipality will provide an annual subsidy of 150 euros for ten years, or a total of 1500 euros, for an active member of the fire brigade who acquires this certificate. The amount will not be paid if the person gets the truck driver’s license paid by the employer.

Thus kleinlangheim is above the usual in the VG groblangheim subsidy of 1000 euros for the purchase of the certificate for fire trucks. The application for a subsidy was submitted by the kleinlangheim fire department. The council also agreed that financial support should be accompanied by a certain time commitment and participation in training. The council also agreed to pay for the health check-up required every five years, which costs 100 euros. Also this regulation under the condition that the employer does not pay.

Collective order

The fire department had also applied for so-called system separators, which prevent the backflow of tap water when the hose is connected to the hydrant. Mayor gerlinde stier referred to the requirement of the district administration to install the system separators to prevent germs and contamination. The office also wants to carry out a collective order for the fire departments to get a favorable price. The price is 845 euro plus VAT per piece. In kleinlangheim, five units are needed for the fire departments of kleinlangheim, atzhausen and haidt/stephansberg, as well as for the building yard. The purchase was approved unanimously.

Two expert opinions

Due to the court order obtained by private individuals, the municipality must have an expert opinion prepared on the pollutant prognosis for the construction work for the development of the building area at the ditch. The most favorable offer for the expertise came from hook farny engineers with 3213 euro including value added tax, it was accepted unanimously. An expert opinion on the larvae load will also be required.

The haidt north freeway service station wants to have a 20 kv line laid by the company enaco for the connection of a customer-owned station, which was unanimously approved. The council also unanimously approved the laying of an underground cable in the stephansberg district for the construction of a transformer station in connection with the planned dismantling of the overhead line. "It is good when this pipe disappears", said the mayor. She announced that the strabe between haidt and schwarzach is open again.

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