The “new” members of the musikverein deliver a convincing premiere


More than 600 listeners did not want to miss the season-opening weekend of the buckenhofen music society. The highlights were the appearances of the two "new" members of the board orchestra of the music society presented for the first time to a coarse audience of about 200 people at the kolpinghaus in forchheim.

In the first part of this unusual concert, the 35 musicians of the "klangfusion" wind orchestra, which was founded only a year and a half ago, proved that they were the right people for the job, that the mixture of former and new has very quickly matured into a homogeneous body of sound. Coached and conducted by budding professional musician elisabeth kircheis, the orchestra offered a well-dosed mix of classics such as frank sinatra's "my way", musical successes like "the beauty and the beast, rock legends like freddy mercury and marches like "mussinan, from the pen of the composer carl carl, born in forchheim in 1830.

Then came the hour of the adult wind class, which was launched in the fall of 2016, after more and more women and men had expressed the desire to learn an instrument at a later age. After the invitation to tender and a search phase lasting several weeks, the 15 participants originally hoped for turned out to be more than 50, who now gave an impressive presentation of their skills.

Very good development

The musicians performed confidently in front of an audience for the first time, after they had already earned the rating "with very good success" at the competition in neunkirchen am brand in may had picked up. Hans-jurgen lorenz put his experience as a music pedagogue into the balance and turned this beginning ensemble into an orchestra in two and a half years, whose discipline and motivation, but above all joy of playing, could be experienced in every piece of music.From the "spirit of music (fritz neubock) inspired, the protagonists ignited a "latin fire" (john highend) and ended up with "enter sandmann" with the heavy metal rockers of "metallica." For the finale there was the rough sound fusion of more than 80 people who agreed: "don't stop believin … Never stop believing in yourself." 

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