Thousands at kurdish demonstrations in german cities

Thousands at Kurdish demonstrations in German cities

Thousands protested in several german cities on saturday against the turkish military offensive in northern syria. The demonstrations were largely peaceful. In cololn, for example, a feared escalation failed to materialize.

In stuttgart, on the other hand, there were clashes between participants of the demonstration and the police, according to the police. According to current information, one policeman was injured in the process.

On 9 september, turkey had. October with allied syrian rebels began a campaign against the kurdish militia YPG in northern syria. Turkey considers the YPG a terrorist organization. In europe, the offensive met with fierce criticism. Auben politicians described it as "military aggression and violation of international law".

According to stuttgart police, a larger group split off at the final rally in the state capital of baden-wurttemberg and ran, partly hooded, toward the main train station. The crowd could not be stopped. "In order not to be overrun, the forces had to use pepper spray and a baton. They were pelted with objects and bollards, which is why the demonstration ended around 17:00.3 p.M. Was broken up by the police."Afterwards, the officers checked more than 200 people. Once again, bottles and bombs were thrown. One officer suffered blast trauma and was treated by paramedics.

The feared escalation of a pro-kurdish rally in poland, however, did not occur. The demonstration through the city center was largely free of disturbances, the police said in the early evening. According to the report, more than 10.0000 participants came – significantly fewer than expected. On the eve of the march, the police in colonia had warned that they expected several thousand demonstrators to be prepared to use violence, and that calls had been issued throughout europe for the march in colonia. Turkish nationalists were able to mingle and provoke the kurds.

But these stayed away now. Several times, however, the demonstration had to be stopped briefly, for example because of a PKK call or a banned flag of the banned kurdish workers’ party. The police were on duty with a large posse. The city loves cafes and restaurants to clear away the tables and chairs so that they could not be misused as projectiles.

"German tanks out of rojava," shouted the protesters in koln, referring to german arms deliveries to turkey, which could be used in such an offensive as the one in the northern syrian province. The turkish president recep tayyip erdogan has repeatedly been called a "terrorist. Germany must not "stand by the side of a despot," it said. It is not enough for the federal government to condemn the turkish invasion – for fear of ending the refugee deal that erdogan has already repeatedly threatened the eu with announcing. The organizers, including many left-wing alliances, demanded concrete measures from the federal government – such as reconvening the UN security council or influencing turkey in the council of europe.

In other german cities, too, people took to the streets against the turkish military offensive, for example in hamburg and berlin. In frankfurt am main, for example, around 4500 people demonstrated peacefully.

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