Tuesday-dischli: the thing with the thunderstorm

tuesday-dischli: the thing with the thunderstorm

So that’s it. The first four months of the year are over. The intermediate mark turns out rather bad weather-wise. Sufficient was not it, insufficient rather fits. This is true for precipitation as well as for sunshine hours and temperatures. Target mark missed by a long way. But no matter. It can only get better.

The merry month of may is the perfect time to do so. But before he gets going on wednesday, walburgisnacht must first be survived without damage. In our widths are not the witches and ghosts on the road, it is still dangerous.

Especially the freshly set up and decorated maypoles all over the district on tuesday evening are threatened by trouble. In the past few years, every now and then one of them has come down. Which is of course a shame for those who were supposed to be guarding the tree and then – for whatever reason – gave in to sleep.

In kitzingen, we have something of a choice this year. Once again, as has been the case for many years, there will be an. May the mix of cabaret and rally prescribed by the trade union federation. On tuesday, there’s something "already spicy" from jens neutag. On wednesday it is about politics in the bayernheim. While the rally stands unrivaled, neutag gets competition.

Since umpteen years there is again a may dance in the deanery center and that with two groups and also for a good cause. And the people of kitzingen have the choice. You can occasionally be wrong about that – unlike weather or farming rules. You can always rely on them, at least when they go like this: thunderstorms in may, april over.

The tuesdays-dischli are more or less profound thoughts of the experts at the standing tables (french: dischli) in the kitzingen fubganger zone.

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