Verdict expected in abuse trial against married couple

Verdict expected in abuse trial against married couple

According to the hildesheim regional court, sexual abuse and maltreatment occurred in a residential group for children in need of help run by a pair of padagogues from gifhorn.

The criminal court sentenced a 57-year-old educator to three years and two months in prison. The judges considered it proven that he tortured a girl for years by making her wear several glued diapers for days while she was still at school. According to a court spokesman, the man is said to have used it to act out his sexual inclinations. The child was also locked up in a cage.

The 57-year-old was also convicted of two sexual assaults on another child, one in a bathtub and one in a bed. Affected was a girl who had lived in the group from infancy for 13 years. The accused acts are alleged to have occurred between 1998 and 2007.

The co-defendant’s 61-year-old wife received a suspended sentence of one year and three months, mainly because she had allowed the acts to take place. The verdict is not yet legally binding. The case had begun to roll after a former resident went to the police in early 2019.

The social pedagogue sab for a short time, her husband for a year in custody. Until their arrest, they had run the family home for partly traumatized children for more than 25 years. The educator was originally charged with twelve counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and four counts of aggravated abuse of a ward. Four young women acted as side plaintiffs.

Accusations concerning two other former residents could not be proven. Therefore, there was an acquittal with regard to these acts. The court spokesman said that there was a lot to suggest that it had been as the two witnesses described. However, according to the expert opinion, there is no proof that this is what really happened. One of the women had reported traumas, another had reported memories in the course of a therapeutic reappraisal.

The couple, on the other hand, had even recorded the wearing of diapers. During a police interrogation, the man had spoken of a kind of re-enactment in order to come to terms with earlier traumas. At the time of the assaults, the group was in the sponsorship of the diaconal home kastorf. In 2007, the employment relationship with the couple was terminated and they sought a new carrier. According to diakonie, there were never any indications of sexual abuse.

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