What farmers did not like about the bill

What farmers did not like about the bill

The present draft law for a second law in favor of biodiversity and nature conservation in bavaria was a core topic at a meeting of the bavarian farmers’ association (BBV) lichtenfels. The farmers took a clear position and saw many weak points in the draft law, which was the result of the petition "save the bees" had emerged. In their opinion, this must be corrected.

The chairman of the bavarian farmers’ association, michael bienlein, was delighted with the lively visit and got straight down to business. Agriculture demands the priority of voluntary and practicable measures for more biodiversity over blanket bans and deadlines. With the prohibition of the mowing of meadows from auben inward starting from one hectare the representatives of the farmer federation miss practical and practicable recommendations for action. Many farmers and landowners are also still unsure about the requirements for water margins. The BBV submitted its own proposed wording.

"Justify any work"

Bienlein criticized that it is not good that farmers, who contribute significantly to the maintenance of the cultural landscape and to healthy food, have to justify every one of their jobs, as it were. "If society no longer wants farmers, it should simply say so." Then she will receive her agricultural products from russia or the adriatic region in the future. No farmer inflicts pain on his animals. Note the concerns of nature conservation. It was also sometimes incomprehensible that prime farmland was being converted into biotopes, he continued.

The state government’s bill was then addressed by state parliament member jurgen baumgartner (CSU), who called biodiversity and biotope connectivity concerns for society as a whole. He would like to see as little use as possible of pesticides. The goal could be to halve the use in the long term. Because it is clear, he said, that the quality of groundwater is not getting any better. He also pointed out that agriculture was not solely responsible for this, but also industry, private households, road construction, railroads, etc.

Mdl: "the market determines"

With regard to food production, baumgartner asked all farmers not to misjudge that it is no longer primarily the state, but the food trade, i.E. The market, that determines the form in which agricultural products are purchased.

In the ensuing discussion, a plethora of concerns were raised. Clear rules were demanded for entering agricultural and forestry areas, in particular to avoid fodder pollution.

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