Whether he already works with the “ant” today?

Whether he already works with the

Maximilian raab is particularly looking forward to working with the ant. Maybe he is already working with the electronic lift truck this week. Today, monday, a new phase of life begins for the 16-year-old: the time of his apprenticeship. In three years, the robdorfer will be trained as a warehouse logistics specialist at the scheblitz logistics company bilog, a "gesellschaft fur logistik und informationsmanagement mbh", as it says in the official letter to maximilian's start of work. With a mixture of excitement and joy, the young man gave this 3. September seen ahead.

The course is set early

In july, the 16-year-old was released into life from the hirschaider school together with 134 other secondary school students and with his middle school leaving certificate in his pocket. He set the course for his apprenticeship much earlier than that. In the ninth grade, the curriculum for vocational internships gives one week of space. "That's far too little", finds maximilian raab. He has invested a total of four weeks of his summer and fall vacations in further internships at the various companies. "Especially the last week has brought it", he says now. The week in question he was at the bilog company, where he had an exceptionally good time.
He completed further internships with other logistics companies and in the retail trade – with some strange experiences: once, after the first day of the internship, the company remembered that the robdorfer intern, who was 14 years old at the time, was too young for them. "With other 14-year-olds, they had no problem", he wondered.
His various internships have given him important insights, he now knows. However, the young man had not left this to chance, but had informed himself together with his parents in advance at two training fairs in bamberg (2010 and 2011). At the bilog stand he had the opportunity to talk to former and current trainees, and he spontaneously filled out an application for a traineeship. The company contacted him and the vacation internship resulted from that. With two other young people who were interested in the same training, he completed this, got a good insight into the processes and fields of activity and information about the training. It lasts three years. After one day of trial work, the decision in favor of bilog was made.

Versatility inspires

What excites the 16-year-old about the job he will now learn, assuming he passes the four-month probationary period?? "It's the versatility, the variety between physical and mental work, and the fact that you don't spend the whole day sitting in an office chair sits", he explains. It's about managing goods, receiving, booking, storing, preparing for transport, loading, unloading. You always have to be 100 percent focused and physically fit. As someone who likes to help his father and grandfather with woodworking and is active in the youth fire department, he brings good prerequisites with him. Of course, he also enjoys working with equipment, the ant and, of course, the forklift truck, for which he wants to get his driver's license. Speaking of driver's license. Maximilian will soon start taking driving lessons so that he can drive himself to scheblitz in his final year of training. Until then, the chauffeur services of his parents were needed. After all, it is 17 kilometers to the scheblitz company. Maximilian is to ride the scooter from spring onwards, at least in good weather conditions. A portion of the pay is earmarked for this trip. At the end of the month, the teenager in his first year of apprenticeship will have 536 euros gross on his bill, and he can count on about 400 euros net.

Changeover for the family

He is also looking forward to being driven to work for the first time today. "The first of the two boys then stands on his own fuben", his mother states to this casur. A change also in the raab household, which affects not only the driving, but also the common lunch. On sunday, maximilian's favorite meal was a tasty introduction to his working life: rouladen. Then the long-planned trip to an exhibition in bamberg.
The "logistics for the first day of work was natural long before today monday. Perfectionist maximilian has prepared the safety shoes (which he has owned since an internship). You need a clean shirt, good jeans and a watch. Originally, it was supposed to be for special days.
In any case, the practical mother raised concerns early on. "The good watch is nothing if you have to work." Otherwise she provides her son with poppy-seed sandwiches and a fruit juice mixture. Besides food and drink, the most important thing in the backpack is a writing pad and pencil. Because maximilian wrote down questions that he would like to clarify: for example, whether there are benefits at bilog and when vocational school is (in lichtenfels). In the evening, maximilian will definitely report whether he actually made contact with the "ant" on his first day had…

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