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It doesn’t sound good per se, but that’s the way it is, partial retirement. Flip the switch and the active becomes passive. Hm! In the grammatical sense, the passive is the "suffering form". I don’t want to suffer, I can assure you, it will come to that.

So the opposite. Day in, day out, dionysian delights? My blood pressure will probably soon be a barrier before. Also not a viable path. Avoiding the thorns of suffering as well as anarchic exuberance. Sounds like a lazy compromise. Old man – what now?

Well, as the monaco franze once said: "A bit of something is always possible"." Because right now "long live rock’n’roll" is in full swing from rainbow hammering in my ears, let at least one thing be revealed. Next month i’m going to see deep purple in concert. And if the opis, who are even older than i am, are still good, then maybe i will loosen my hair braid and become a headbanger like i once was. Rocking at 60! Yeah!

Then mount the two-wheeled undercarriage from time to time – at least as long as you can still get your leg over it. Visiting areas that have not yet been seen. Meeting people you’d never met before. All kinds of things to experience. In between sufficient ritartandos – of course.

Well then! To all those who are immersed in the everlasting vacation, I call out: "carpe diem"!" To those who still have a year or two ahead of them, i suggest: "he who perseveres will be crowned!"

Goodbye, dear FT reader. All those years were exciting, sometimes arduous, often thrilling. Filling empty pages day after day with content worth reading is like sisyphus. I liked it!

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