With the straw bar on the chain

With the straw bar on the chain

The geisfeld carnival procession is considered a legend – and a real show on wheels and pigeons. For real stories to be told, meticulous preparation is needed beforehand. And that costs more time than the whole event.

Searching for people, finding themes, organizing vehicles, building floats: so that the geisfeld carnival procession can present itself as a time-honored mix of local history, current village gossip and global news, a lot of extra shifts are required beforehand. The weekend before carnival tuesday traditionally sees the start of the rough construction finale: under the supervision and access of the organizing cultural village community, various groups get together in various courtyards – an epic tinkering marathon is on the cards until the last slogans are painted and the short event on the street is over.

The bar tap dances

Even with the hand-tied straw bar, the material must first be brought to the man: the favorite project of the geisfeld carnival procession demands maximum patience from the exhibitor even beforehand. During the packing process into carefully cut straw, three quarters of an hour of keeping still is ordered – and after that, wild behavior in a prickly uncomfortable outfit.

Dragged through the village by the driver on a chain, the draw is only made at the very end: the winter monster is chased nastily in front of the traditional witches, teased by the audience and finally symbolically burned in the fire. Speaking of witches: their masks are also almost all "made in geisfeld. Designed and carved with great attention to detail, this particularly creative work has been going on for decades – including repair work and new editions.

Wagonloads and fubtruppen

Seven wagons, seven groups: the mobile street show act finally delivers alternating excitements of the region, themes of the season and joyful classics. On tuesday afternoon, there will be special geisfeld internals on the glyphosate drama, the return of the wolf, and the hiking farm: the new serving times of the geisfeld innkeepers will be lamented, the butcher's search for a specialist vendor will be commented on, the upcoming brewery run will be sung about, and finally, a new KDG cashier will be sought by front loader.

As every year, there's creative support from the neighboring village, too: as a friendly act of neighborly help, the bobbers from robdorf present themselves opulently costumed and olympically offensive. External support is also available from the other side this year: the fire department women from melkendorf gave their fire engine a chic private trip up the mountain for a change, thus supplementing the local folk contribution around the old geisfeld fire department.

Analogue dancing

Digitized? At least not all the music. Unimpressed by the neighboring belly-aching masses, low-flying sub stuff and shrieking broom-carrying girls, the geisfeld brass band always plods along at the front and delivers marching-ready& moods without rough breaks. The fact that in the 900-soul village with the participation of the local catering trade so variously one entertains, makes also many foreign visitors spab: the carnival procession tourism runs – and the geisfelder have besides a prima time with itself.

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