Woman hit by subway in nurnberg: she was only found two hours later

woman hit by subway in nurnberg: she was only found two hours later

At 10:50 p.M., the subway driver (54) notified the control center of the traffic company nurnberg. When the train was entering the messezentrum subway station, he had noticed a person in the track area and heard a dull thud, which is why a braking maneuver was immediately initiated. According to current information, passengers were not injured in the incident.

Witnesses wanted: two men threaten woman in furth and demand money

Despite an intensive search by the fire department and police, no person could be found under the subway or the train. The following were found in the track area. Witnesses revealed that when the subway arrived, a woman who had apparently been relieving herself left the track bed and got on an opposite subway and drove away.

"Staircase fall" turns out to be a subway accident

At 01:00 o'clock, about two hours later, rescue service and emergency doctor were called to an alleged staircase fall in a hotel in munchener strabe. A woman had suffered a broken arm. When questioned by the emergency services, the young woman (26), who was under the influence of alcohol, admitted to having had contact with a subway train.

The subsequent questioning by the police confirmed the facts from the messezentrum subway station. The 26-year-old was admitted to a hospital as an inpatient.

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